These Galaxies can switch to Android 13 by the New Year

A few days later than expected, the third beta package of One UI 5.0 based on Android 13 arrived for the Galaxy S22 family, and Samsung had something to do, because after a stuttering, unoptimized start in the spring, the second beta package brought it back to last year TouchWiz mocked stammers. That’s what the tests are for, and the third beta pretty much put things right, and if Samsung is satisfied with it, the next update could be the version intended for release within the test program, which could be followed by the public launch on October 17 or 19.


The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the first to receive Android 13 [+]

There’s no need to rush: it’s better to have all the animations and new functions in order, but we already saw last year that when the system update rollout starts, Samsung will spread the new asphalt on dozens of devices. By the end of the year, all Galaxy S22 and S21 models can be updated to Android 13, as well as the third and fourth generations of the Z Fold and Z Flip. In the same way, the Galaxy A53 may be next, because it launched with One UI 4.1, so the next package will be 5.0. If everything really goes well – and it’s better to be patient than to be optimistic – and it starts in October update wave, even additional models may signal a system change by January.

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