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These are the rarest and most curious products that are sold on the internet

It is impossible not to take one surprise on the internet, since you can find and see everything. This applies perfectly to products for sale. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, even if it’s something up your sleeve (random) and the most useless, it will surely be in a digital store.

still be one bracelet that vibrates continuously to remind you to breatheYou can even find a toothpaste dispenser that dispenses the paste everywhere except the brush head or an accessory so that the dog and cat have a print of their face on their clothes.

The Internet is a real bottomless pit that offers a thousand and one possibilities for people to find things about their most hidden tastes. Someone looking for an absurd gift or a person with strange or different tastes, may leave their salary inmerchandising or on rare products without much effort. Life is beautiful, right?

No doubt these rare products on the internet they can be almost infinite, however below is a selection of those items that they are worth keeping an eye on, even if it is just to know that they exist.

ostrich pillow

This incredible pillow is the best that humanity has been able to invent and whoever says otherwise is lying. makes you look like an alien, that others look at you and that you need to be in strange positions to carry it. The invention has a design for the head, in such a way that you place it on top of it, leaving only the nose and mouth in the light. In addition, at the top there are two holes on each side through which to put your arms.

Anti-stress balls in the shape of a face or bubi

This is perhaps one of the strangest products that have been seen in a long time. These stress balls are perfect for crushing something when you can’t take it anymore, except for the small detail that they are human faces or boobies. There things change and one thinks twice whether to crush or not. In the case of faces, you can choose between four different ones when buying: a smiling one, a sad one, a funny one or an angry one.

Things with the face of Nicolas Cage

For some strange reason, on the Internet Nicolas Cage is ‘the’ celebrity for rare items, perhaps because of their gesticulations or their memes. In any case, you can find everything from pants to pillows with the actor’s face.

wiper for mirror

You come out of a hot shower, you go to look at yourself in the mirror and you find that everything is fogged up. What a problem! You have to take a piece of toilet paper (or the hand itself, each one with the customs of it) and pass it through the glass to be able to see your sweet face.

What nonsense when you can have a wiper built into the mirror itself. That passing your hand through the mirror costs you the same as manually passing the windshield wiper? When you’re right, you have to give it to yourself, but how beautiful and ‘cool’ it is.

Bathroom accessories with the face of Donald Trump

Those who can not forget the former president of the United States, can buy a piece or the complete bathroom cleaning set with his face and a brush where his hair goes, or paper to clean with his characteristic “duckface”.

Of course, the extravagant items are plenty and are there for anyone curious to buy, even if they will not use them or they are of little use.

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