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These are the news that will come to the new Apple watchOS 9

The WatchOS 9 update will include new features on the fitness and health of users, as well as allowing more customization. (TechnoApps)

the technology company Manzana enabled the new operating system watchOS 9 for your Apple Watch.

This new software will focus mainly on three aspects that are considered relevant to people’s lifestyles: health, fitness and character.

Fitness in watchOS 9


In the case of modifications in the applications of the Apple Watch with watch OS 9Exercise will display more views during a training session when the user turns the Digital Crown located on the side of the device.

These will switch between activity circles, monitoring heart rate, power and height zones.

Fitness features in Apple's watchOS 9 system (AppleInsider)
Fitness features in Apple’s watchOS 9 system (AppleInsider)

According to the support website of ManzanawatchOS 9 will be able to measure the intensity of a workout through the heart rate zones. These represent five segments in which effort levels increased progressively, allowing greater control of the intensity with which the user exercises.

In addition, for better performance during physical activity, users will be able to customize their intervals of breaks. Alerts on speed, heart rate, cadence and power can be received throughout an entire workout.

Health in watchOS 9

As in iOS 16, the new Apple Watch operating system introduced the function of registering the medications that a user must take in the Medications application, which will serve to issue reminders of when they must be taken to ensure the well-being of the person.

Medicines in iOS 16. (photo: BR Atsit)
Medicines in iOS 16. (photo: BR Atsit)

In addition to reminders, the application of Medicines It is also able to record when medicines are taken, so that this information can be easily shared with medical staff specialist if necessary.

On the other hand, it also includes an improvement of the sleep app, which will be able to show metrics about the user’s deep sleep phase. Information collected on heart rate, breathing, and movement during hours of rest It will allow you to determine if the person has slept well.

Personalization in watchOS 9

With the new operating system, Apple Watch will have new options to choose from to customize the cover of their devices called: ‘Metropolitan’ and ‘Playtime’. While the first allows you to customize the style of the hour numbers; the second is more geared towards users younger with entertaining animations.

Screen customization on Apple Watch Series 8 (Apple)
Screen customization on Apple Watch Series 8 (Apple)

In addition, the ‘Astronomy’ faceplate has been enhanced to display real-time information about the climate in the area where the user is located. This customization is also available on devices iPhone that have been able to download the new update of the operating system from iOS 16.

Although the new update watch OS It is still not officially released to the public and the announcement of its availability was not made during the Apple Event At the beginning of the month, the most updated version of the Apple Watch operating system could be launched during the next company event.

According to the Apple Insider website, October or November would be the months in which the launch date of the new systems could be made public. iPad OS Y macOS Venturaso WatchOS 9 could be included as part of the presentation of updates for the rest of Apple devices.


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