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These are the new shortcuts that Facebook Messenger added

Goalmatrix of Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebookcontinues to work on improving its platforms and satisfying its millions of global users, so this time presented shortcuts or shortcuts for Facebook Messenger looking to help increase messaging efficiency.

From this day on, users with the Android and iOS app You can now make use of the shortcuts that, as their name suggests, are commands to not take so long to write an expression or action in a conversation.

For example, in a group chat you can tag someone in a message by typing “@” and the user’s name, but when you want to get everyone’s attention it becomes more complicated. Instead of labeling them one by one, you can now write the shortcut @everyone (everyone) and in case you don’t want to bother with notifications, choose: /silent (silence).

When you start a message with @everyone, all chat participants will be notified. the shortcut @everyone is perfect for group reminders, impromptu meetings, or when you need to bring the group together to get an answer to an urgent question. In this way, the message will have the maximum diffusion and nobody will miss it.

On the contrary, when using /silent (also available on Instagram as “@silent”), chat members will not receive any notification of the message. Sending a message with /silent eliminates the worry of interrupting someone with a non-urgent message or disturbing someone during their off hours.

It can be very useful if you have groups of friends with different time zones or, for example, when at 04:00 in the morning something has just happened that if you don’t send at that time you will forget the next day, but at the same time you won’t wants to wake up or bother with notifications.

Added to these two shortcuts that are already available, in the following weeks will be presented other new shortcuts that have been thought from Meta to help increase the efficiency of Messenger.

Coming soon in iOS /gif will be added. “GIFs help us express ourselves, conveying a sense of identity through pop culture references that, in turn, help shape our broader digital culture. For easily find and send that perfect GIFuse the /gif shortcut: you just have to type /gif and the chosen theme for the gif options to appear”, advanced Meta.

Also for iOS users, the shortcut /shrug & /tableflip which are two old emoticons, that is, text-based. The first shrugs and the second turns the table to add drama. They are these two, in order: “( ╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻” and “¯_(ツ)_/¯”.

That way, instead of typing each smilie (or having to search the internet to copy and paste), just type /shrug or /tableflip to add the smilies to your message.

According to Meta’s Facebook, these are the first shortcuts to come of a large list so that users can take advantage of them and improve their experiences on Messenger.

It should be remembered that the latest text-based emoticons are included in some keyboards, one of them is Google’s, where you can choose a wide selection of these so as not to type or search for them manually. With these it will not be necessary to learn the shorcut or shortcut.


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