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These are some dark themes for Windows

Windows Dark Mode. (photo: Windows/Jose Arana)

The dark mode is a trend that has been spreading among the different programs and now operating systems as well, although not many people know about it or know how to activate it, This is a way to take care of the eyes from the intense light that the computer screen can also gives an elegant and different appearance to the interface.

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Among the advantages for the eyes of activating the dark theme on computers and even in some of its programs, is reducing visual fatigue and helping to better see the words in each of the texts that appear on the screens.

Windows is the operating system that, according to some Internet users, had taken the longest to incorporate this option into its list of settings, however it is already available from Windows 10 and these are the instructions to activate it.

Dark mode wasn't included until Windows 10. (photo: Microsoft)
Dark mode wasn’t included until Windows 10. (photo: Microsoft)

Although there are several other possibilities to apply the dark themes in this operating system, whenever you want, you can try the features that are included by default as the first option.

1. Go to the system settings from the desktop or by pressing the WIN + I key combination.

2. Enter the customization / Colors section.

3. On the right side of the screen, a dropdown menu will be displayed

4. Find the “Themes” section and click on it.

5. Select the dark theme for Windows 10 and for 11 choose from the options presented, since this version of the operating system offers several designs.

With these steps you will be able to have the dark mode on your computer that will provide some customization to the interface, however, if for some reason this theme fails or does not convince at all, there will always be a few more options to try on the internet.

There are also other ways to install dark mode in Windows
There are also other ways to install dark mode in Windows

twilight 10

This dark theme was designed exclusively for Windows and according to people who have tried it, its plus point is that offers neutral tones, that is to say, that no degradations or variations of gray or black colors will be seen in any section of the system.

However, since it is a creation of third parties and not of Microsoft itself, it is necessary to download and install it on the computer, but two more software called UltraUXThemePatcher and OldNewExplorer will also be needed, so it is advisable to check that it is the original version of the three programs and not some kind of cyber trap.


This is the best valued dark theme on the internet, users have commented that it is very easy to install since external programs are not needed as in the previous case, so it will be very useful for those who do not want complications or risk their equipment in activities involving downloads of other software.

Additionallythis theme adds some high contrast elements to the system that will give a very attractive look to Windows. However, once again Windows 11 users are invited to review the list of options in themes offered by this version of the operating system.


This option offers a grayscale dark theme.  EPA/ZOLTAN MATHE
This option offers a grayscale dark theme. EPA/ZOLTAN MATHE

This is the last option on the list to install a dark mode on Windows, an interesting feature of Ades is that it will not provide black colors, but gray tones with some color elements in some parts of the interface.

As you can see, there are several ways to apply dark modes to computers with Windows operating systems, in any case it is pertinent to take some precautions before downloading any third-party program, such as reviewing the opinions of other users on the Internet.


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