These are all the news that Windows 11 will bring

Windows 11 gets build 25163 with changes to taskbar and file sharing
Microsoft 11 logo. (Photo: Microsoft/dpa)
Microsoft 11 logo. (Photo: Microsoft/dpa)

Windows 11 it was released just over 9 months ago, but we haven’t seen its final form yet. A new announcement on the official blog of the operating system confirms that the company is working to bring back an old function. is the search bar Windows 10, although completely renovated.

The search bar resides in the taskbar, as it is currently done in Windows 11. In addition, it will not be the only novelty. Currently, Windows 11 has direct access to the taskbar search function. It is, of course, the magnifying glass icon that can be pressed to execute the function.

However, one of the tests shows that the taskbar shrinks, although you can also see another taskbar with a slightly longer length. It also appears that they are testing a new magnifying glass icon, although this may just be a aesthetic change.

microsoft intends to get user feedback before making this change on all computers. Thus, Only Windows 11 trial participants will be able to access it.

Windows 11. (photo: Microsoft)
Windows 11. (photo: Microsoft)

Microsoft will have two experimental channels

Microsoft will activate two channels in which the “testers” can sign up to test the future features of Windows 11. The first channel, and probably the most interesting, is the one of developing.

It is where the experimental characteristics will be published and may never come to light. The company also highlights that these functions can be modified or redesigned.

Logo of the first experimental channel.  (photo: Microsoft)
Logo of the first experimental channel. (photo: Microsoft)

The second channel, called ‘Beta Channel’consists of the test of those features that have a high probability of reaching the final version of Windows 11. Again, with the possibility of changes.

In this case, moreover, it is likely that some functions that have not gone through the development phase. Probably because Microsoft has considered them necessary or essential for all users.

On the other hand, those people who are part of the Insider program will be able to choose or change between both phases through an option that the company will activate soon.

Other changes that would come to Windows 11

On the other hand, it will not be the only functionality available in Windows 11. According to the company’s announcement, the widget section will display notification indicators on the taskbar icon.

The shape of this indicator is quite similar to what we find in the Windows 11 Action Center, on the right side of the taskbar. Also, when you open the widget section, A brief explanation of what caused the indicator to appear in that area appears.

Windows 11. (photo: Microsoft)
Windows 11. (photo: Microsoft)

The Head of Windows Insider, Amanda Langowski, commented that “When you open the Widgets dashboard, a banner will appear at the top of the dashboard with more information about what caused the notification badge.”

The app Windows 11 camera is also being modified. It looks like as of Windows Insider they are testing a new look and feel for the app. According to the above, it will have a more current design to better integrate with the aesthetic part of the new system.

Finally, Media Player will receive the update. The program will eventually be able to “burn” discs and convert them to AAC, WMA, FLAC and ALAC formats. Until now this has been impossible, although fortunately the Redmond-based company will bet on this novelty.