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These 4 web pages allow you to create temporary emails

These 4 web pages allow you to create temporary emails
So temporary emails can be created. (photo: YouTube)

browse today by Internet It can be an ordeal, with so many ads and pop-ups that, as soon as the user inadvertently clicks on one, they can even enter a page with adult videos.

Perhaps not to such an extent, but it is true that, over time, the email staff begins to fill with spam of pages that have not even been visited.

In this guide TechMarkup will solve this problem for the future; that is, with those who arrive now little can be done, but with this solution it will be possible to prevent more and more from arriving in the future. For this you can use the temporary mail.

What are temporary emails for?

Before continuing, it is important to know that this type of email is known by several names: temporary, disposable, junk, sporadic, random, fake, 10-minute, etc. This all refers to the same thing and is what this guide is about.

This type of email accounts are the ones that are created without any requirement or identificationso that the user can use that email address to register wherever he wants and not have to deal with all the junk mail that will arrive in droves.

By using these types of services there will be nothing that relates them to oneself, nor with personal email addresses that one may have. That is why they are especially relevant these days, where advertising and scams are the order of the day in anyone’s personal emails.

Temporary mail.  (photo: 247 Techno)
Temporary mail. (photo: 247 Techno)

Without further ado, then TechMarkup leaves the 5 website recommendations to create temporary emails that can be used to avoid all kinds of spam, or for other creative uses by users:

1. Gmailnator

One of the web pages with the most positive reviews on the Internet is gmailnator. The difference with the rest is only one, but very important, and that is that allows the creation of random Gmail emails.

In other words, the user will have valid addresses for practically any record since they are under a domain as verified as Google’s own.

As for the rest, you can create multiple Gmail accounts very quickly and easily, customize the addresses as you want, use another domain, among other functions. The couriers are available for one day.

(photo: Gmailnator)
(photo: Gmailnator)


It also has Tempmaila website that, as soon as you enter, it generates an email and in that same window opens the inbox.

It is generating email addresses with different domains, which is something positive. It does not indicate how long emails or randomly generated addresses last, but it is sure to be enough for ephemeral records that need to be made online.

Sending mail from those addresses is not allowed.

(photo: Tempmail)
(photo: Tempmail)

3. 10minutemail

A service fast and efficient is 10minutemail. Just by entering the web generates a email valid for 10 minutes and gives a button to copy the randomly generated address.

It is possible to increase the time of that email address before it is completely deleted, with just one click, and it also makes use of different email domains.

It is ideal for sporadic registrations since the user forgets about it once the registration on the web is finished.

(photo: 10minutemail)
(photo: 10minutemail)

4. Mohmal

mohmal is another service highly recommended by users. Allows the use of random emails for 45 minutes; After that time, the account will be deleted with all the emails it has inside.

Just by giving ‘Random Name’, an email address is generated and the user is inserted in the inbox, all very quickly.

It is worth mentioning that the duration time can be extended, that it does not allow messages to be sent and that addresses are always generated under the domain @firemailbox.club.

(photo: mohmal)
(photo: mohmal)

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