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These 4 Google Play Store apps have malware and should be uninstalled as soon as possible

Malicious apps that should be removed from an Android device. (photo: UNAM-CERT)
Malicious apps that should be removed from an Android device. (photo: UNAM-CERT)

These are four Applications malicious that have slipped into Google Play Store, which take care of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, and it is important that they are removed immediately any cell phone with Android operating system.


And it is that as the malwarebytes research team points out, the developer called Mobile AppsGroup has detected four malicious programs related to Bluetooth that any TechMarkup reader may have downloaded in recent days: programs that open many tabs in the background that lead to websites phishing.

As you know, thanks to the ecosystem of Android and also to the store Manzana where you can download applications for a iPhonethe user has access to all kinds of applications and hackers Those who try to sneak their malicious applications into large technology companies know this very well.


Whether you use the app store of Manzana or the app store Googlethe truth is that Android or iPhone devices must be alert when one downloads any type of applications and unfortunately, Google has suffered four of these malicious programs.

How these malicious apps work on an Android phone


The most worrying thing is that there are more than a million downloads between the four applications, so it is possible that one of the four fraudulent apps has one or another reader. Each hides a malware called HiddenAds and first adopts a passive strategy to trick the user.

This means that during the first few days of installation, nothing happens and it works perfectly. But after a few days, it automatically starts to open the Web navigator of Google Chrome in the background, leading to phishing sites.

Not only slow down the device by opening many tabs in the background, but there is also a risk that you may interact with these phishing sites.

Malware in Android apps. (photo: Pexels)
Malware in Android apps. (photo: Pexels)

These are the apps that should be removed immediately

All these applications have already been removed from the Google Play Store, but it is better to be safe than sorry, so TechMarkup recommends that each reader make sure you haven’t downloaded them before being removed from the app store:

-Bluetooth AutoConnect.

-Bluetooth App Sender.

– Driver: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB.

– Mobile transmission: smart switch.

Bluetooth AutoConnect. (photo: APKCombo)
Bluetooth AutoConnect. (photo: APKCombo)

As you can see, these are apps that deal with Bluetooth, also USB and Wifi, so it’s worth checking the list of apps in settings right away.

If any of these apps are found installed on the device, you should not only remove it immediately, but also run an antivirus.

These are the most downloaded games on the Google Play Store

Android has a wide variety of applications in its store, but despite the fact that social networks that have a wide domain among downloads (at least between August of this year and this beginning of November), the games always have a special place for users.

In the category of free games there are several old titles, but others more recent. Although most are casual experiences:

1.Ludo King

2. Subway Surfers

3. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga. (photo: Google Play Store
Candy Crush Saga. (photo: Google Play Store

4. Stumble Guys

5.Snake Lite

6.School Party Craft

7.Bridge Race

8. Gangster Crime, Mafia City

9. GT Car Stunts 3D

10. Save the Doge

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