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There is no stopping the plumber: ‘Super Mario Bros.’ exceeds 1 billion at the box office

 There is no stopping the plumber: 'Super Mario Bros.'  exceeds 1 billion at the box office

In the moment in which Nintendo was associated with Illumination Entertainment to develop an animated film Super Mario Two things were clear. On the one hand, that a work as crazy as the live action movie of 1993. And on the other, that the box office was going to be tremendous. Illumination is a hugely profitable animation studio, having launched sagas as lucrative as Gru/Minions, Sing! and Pets.

Super Mario Bros. The Movie It hit theaters almost a month ago, and started to rack up records. Despite suspicious criticism, it became the highest-grossing adaptation of a video game in history, and many analysts predicted that it would end up surpassing the long-awaited barrier of 1 billion of dollars. This weekend he has finally achieved it: concluding on Sunday he had 1.02 billion collected around the world. 490 of them in the US, and 532 in various foreign markets.

The Illumination film has benefited from having recently landed in Japan and South Korea, whose reception has also been very warm and has accelerated the benefits. In both countries, respectively, Super Mario Bros. has collected 14.3 and 5.7 million of dollars. With more than a billion to its credit, the film becomes the third Illumination release to do so, after the bombings of The minions and Gru 3: My favorite villain.

Super Mario Bros. It is the highest grossing film so far in 2023 and the first to overcome this barrier, counting Avatar: The Sense of Water like last year’s premiere. This weekend no other film has come close to the figures of this film (we will have to wait for the next release of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 to observe movement in that direction), and Super Mario Bros. He continues to maintain his reign, without even being affected by leaks or hacks.

In the field of animated lengths, Super Mario Bros. it now has four films ahead of it to be the highest grossing in history. Are the incredibles 2 (which you may surpass with your 1.24 thousand millions), Frozen (1.29 thousand), Frozen 2 (1.66 thousand million) and The Lion King (1.66 thousand millions). We’ll see how long they last power up of the mustachioed plumber.

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