Home Android There is a serious material defect in the Pixel 7 devices

There is a serious material defect in the Pixel 7 devices

There is a serious material defect in the Pixel 7 devices

Google still hasn’t officially responded to user complaints, which is affecting more and more Pixel 7 owners. The problem appeared almost immediately after the start of sales, but Google is not aware of the matter for the time being. On Twitteron Reddit and the Google forums, users have reported countless cases where the glass protecting the camera cracked just like that, spontaneously, in each case exactly in the same place and in the same way, and then fell out of place in small pieces, of course without any physical impact.

Fixing the problem doesn’t seem to be an easy process either, several users’ requests were rejected citing a lack of parts; there were service centers that, in principle, would have had raw materials, but citing physical damage and improper use, 200-400 dollar amount intended to be charged to the user; and of course there were those who were able to enforce the warranty in the end, which in this case means replacing the device, but based on the vast majority of posts, the manufacturer continues to refuse the warranty administration, saying that the device was damaged due to the user’s fault.

It is not yet known what exactly causes the problem, it could be a design error, a material error or a manufacturing error, but since many people experienced the phenomenon when they went from a heated room to a cold environment, the temperature change is the number one suspect, which can affect the thermal expansion of the metal panel. Whatever is behind the phenomenon, one thing is certain: it is not the least likely that users around the world will break their device that is barely one or two months old, typically kept in a case, in exactly the same way and in the same place.

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