Home Tech News Theories and curiosities of The Last of Us on social networks

Theories and curiosities of The Last of Us on social networks

Theories and curiosities of The Last of Us on social networks
Theories and curiosities about the HBO Max series have already been generated on social networks.

The Last of Us it is the first series to move social networks in 2023. The premiere of its first chapter is already generating theories about how the story is developing and revealing various curiosities of its production.

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series of HBO is based on the video game Naughty Dog of 2013 and has replicated the story, at least in its first chapter, very faithfully. But that does not limit her from producing expectations and questions in the fans.

Theories about the infection

The main plot of the series is a pandemic generated by a fungus that wiped out a large part of humanity and from there the story of the journey of its protagonists begins. joel Y ellie.

In the video game, the way the infection spread was through airborne spores, so characters had to wear gas masks to avoid certain areas. This could not be replicated to the series, because the use of masks was going to limit the performance of the characters.

However, the route by which the fungus is spreading has not been revealed and there is already a theory in networks.

In networks, users believe that the series fungus spreads through flour.

The idea is that it is not through the air but through the flour. In the first chapter there are several references to that and it would explain why the protagonists are not infected. For example, joel they don’t buy their birthday cake, there’s no flour to make pancakes, and they don’t eat the cookies offered by their neighbors, who do get infected.

In addition, on the radio it is reported that the first riots are born in jakartaa city where the largest flour factory in the world is located, and the final wink comes from its creators, who before its premiere said this: “Spectators pay attention to the first episode, because they will be rewarded with little breadcrumbs” .


video game replica

Something that fans of The Last of Us What has stood out from the first chapter is how faithful the story has been, to the point of replicating dialogues, scenes and even camera shots that are much more than the traditional Easter eggs.

Among the most outstanding is the first conversation between Ellie Y joelthe clothes of the characters, the beginning of the chaos in Texas, the protagonist’s knife, and a long list.

Comparison between the scenes of the video game and the series.

The PlayStation 3 did not exist

In order for the series to be adapted to current times, the producers decided to change the timeline in which it takes place, since in the video game the pandemic begins in 2013 and the central story takes place in 2033. While in the television product changes to 2003 and 2013, respectively.

Taking this data into account, in the season line of the series the Playstation 3the console for which the video game was released, did not exist, as well as the rest of the consoles and technological products that were created after 2003, something that will surely have an impact on the development of history.

A curiosity about the PlayStation 3 in the HBO Max series.
A curiosity about the PlayStation 3 in the HBO Max series.

From the video game to the series

The producers opted to hire the voice actors from the video game to perform in the series. Merle Dandridge is the most obvious case, because the actress gave voice to Marlene in the work of PlayStation and played the same role in the production of HBO Max.

In the following chapters, viewers will have the opportunity to see Troy Baker Y Ashley Johnson, the voice actors Joel and Ellie, respectively, who will play different characters. Baker will play a settler named James and Johnson will play Ellie’s mother.

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