Theo Becker? Zac Efron appears unrecognizable and becomes a meme on the networks

Yesterday afternoon (27) the actor Zac Efron appeared unrecognizable in photos on the set of his new movie The Iron Claw. The film will be inspired by the history of the controversial Von Erich family, very famous wrestling professionals in the 1960s.


But the costume drew attention for another reason. Muscular, with “beiçola” style hair and much more tanned than is commonly seen in the actor, Efron was quickly compared to another name well known by Brazilians: Theo Becker.

The actor was one of the participants of the first edition of the reality show The farm and is remembered to this day for his catchphrases and, of course, the intrigues carried out inside the house.


On social media, the subject was on Twitter’s Trendins Topics “Is it just me or is Zac Efron identical to Theo Becker?”, asked one user. Check out the reactions to Zac Efron’s unusual costume:

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