The Xiaomi 12T Pro will receive a limited special edition

The images are important anyway, so we’ll keep it short: Xiaomi has entered into a collaboration with the American artist Daniel Arsham, who is a contemporary creator, and in his art plays with the concept of future history and fictitious archeology, his works mostly show petrified versions of contemporary objects and architecture from Arsham’s vision. The 12/256 GB Xiaomi 12T Pro became one of them, in terms of hardware nothing has changed compared to the model we also tested, only the color of the device, the pattern of the back cover and the packaging are slightly different.

This is what the Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition looks like. (source: [+]

The frame and the back are green, with a marble-like pattern and copper-colored inlays, so the pattern of the back changes depending on the angle at which the light falls on the device. The packaging also evokes this, there is an extra box and the charger and the cable are also painted green.

Two thousand units of the limited model will be produced and Xiaomi wants to sell it across Europe at a price of 899 euros. The device can be pre-ordered from December 5 and the pages, and from December 16 the remaining stock will also be sold through the manufacturer’s website and in the pop-up shop that will be open for two days in Berlin. At the same time, it can be bad news for those who would like such a device from home, that the manufacturer only delivers items ordered on its website in France, Italy, Germany and Spain.

The box and accessories.
The box and accessories. (source: GSMArena) [+]

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