The Withings ScanWatch: a versatile connected watch with an elegant design, the ideal gift!

What if you offered a Withings-branded ScanWatch connected watch for Christmas? Today we invite you to discover its flagship watch available in several versions: a classic 38 or 42 mm, a rose gold or the Horizon.

The ScanWatch in two words:

  • Enormous autonomy
  • Complete health monitoring
  • The information given is very educational


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A hybrid connected watch that monitors your health

The ScanWatch is a hybrid connected watch from Withings that is both very sophisticated and very elegant. To offer at Christmas, it is the ideal gift because it combines both sobriety and efficiency, in particular thanks to all the sensors used to monitor your health. Indeed, the watch continuously monitors your heart rate, with the additional possibility of recording an ECG when an abnormality is detected.

It also has an oximeter that measures the level of medical oxygen saturation (SpO²) to monitor respiratory performance. Thus, the watch is able to detect if you have sleep apnea, in which case you must go to an ENT doctor to find the appropriate treatment.

Moreover, the watch keeps track of all these measurements via the dedicated Health Mate app. This is very well done and clearly explains data that may, at first glance, seem complex. She can even wake you up at the best time in a preset 30-minute window, so you can be in good shape.

An ideal sports companion

The crown on the right side of the watch is used to navigate the menus and trigger the various functions of the watch. As for example the different sports training modes. By pairing with your GPS, the watch is able to supplement your activity and movement data on the map.

It also shines with its autonomy which can go up to 30 days with moderate use, which is well above other models of its kind. On top of that, it is waterproof up to 50 meters so you can easily swim in it and use it for your swimming training.

The ScanWatch also shows you an overview of the notifications received on your smartphone, depending on what you have chosen. You just have to configure them once in the companion app, and you can then read the first words of your SMS, emails, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. And thus judge whether you should take out your smartphone or whether it can wait.

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All these features allowed the Withings ScanWatch to obtain a very good rating of 8/10 in our exhaustive and detailed test of the watch.

Finally, the delivery of the ScanWatch is completely free by ordering from their site. In addition to that the return is also offered, without any conditions or questions asked, until January 31, 2022 instead of the usual 30 days. So if you decide to give it away for Christmas and there’s a problem, you won’t have to run to send it back.

  • The ScanWatch is available in two sizes: 38 and 42mm. And also in several colors: White & Silver, Black & Silver and White & Rose. The price for these models ranges between € 279.95 and € 299.95.
  • There is also a deluxe version of the ScanWatch, called the ScanWatch Horizon. It has the same functions as the classic, with the addition of water resistance to 100 meters, a rotating bezel, and Luminova indexes to light up in the dark. The ScanWatch Horizon sells for € 499.95 and enjoys the same delivery and return benefits as its predecessor.


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Which smartwatch best suits your needs?

Do not hesitate to consult our 100% independent comparison of the best-connected watches in 2021. It brings together the very latest models scrutinized by our team of experts, and the ScanWatch has even managed to find a place there.

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