The wink of ‘Spider-Man: Crossing the multiverse’ to ‘No Way Home’ that you may not have realized

He marvel universe is wrapped in his phase 5which in turn is included in a Saga made up of three phases (as was that of the Infinite), and this responds to the name of “Multiverse Saga”. The main villain of this one is supposed to be Kang (we will see if interpreted by Jonathan Majors or a ruling is made recall), and it is a character with a multitude of variants scattered across a multitude of timelines to unleash chaos. Kang wants to kill the multiverse, and we have been learning about the particularities of this in some recent movies and series.

For example Loki, where Majors debuted. EITHER Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. Or, above all, Spider-Man: No Way Homethat when placing the Peter Parker of tom holland toFaced with the possibility of meeting his versions from other universes (or other movies), he communicated the story with a highly acclaimed previous work, Spider-Man: A New Universe. The 2018 animated film was the one that brought the concept to its glory, although no way home The public also liked it a lot, and it did so after the announcement that a new universe It was going to have a sequel.

Now in crossing the multiverse, the circle has been closed. Yeah no way home I was unable not to fall into a certain deja vu with respect to a new universethe sequel that has just been released decides to go further and give a direct nod to the film directed by jon watts. It is what allows so much no way home as crossing the multiverse have been born under the Sony label (the first in collaboration with Marvel Studios), leading to the assumption in the film that previous films are also part of one of the dimensions that make up the multiverse.

Hence the film includes a frame of The Amazing Spider-Man and, while that is, a humorous reference to no way home. This takes place when miles morales meet the grim Spider Man 2099, which describes his troubles to ensure the order of the multiverse. Explaining to him how his multiverse Spider-Man organization works, the character he voices oscar isaac remembers a specific Peter Parker whom he calls “little nerd”and also from his mentor.

His mentor, he says, is the Doctor Strange. Immediately afterwards, a joke is made with how disturbing it is that a doctor is called Strange, and it is easy then to deduce what Spider-Man 2099 refers to: the characters played by Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Indeed, Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange was drawn into Parker’s cosmic troubles, though there is a slight dissonance:

Spider-Man 2099 says this happened in earth 1999and the Earth where most of the MCU takes place is assumed to be the Earth 616. But hey, that’s not going to take away our sleep either.

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