The Winchesters: when will the series debut in Brazil?

the first episode of The Winchestersthe long-awaited spin-off of Supernatural, will be officially released next Tuesday (11) by The CW. However, through its official social networks, HBO Max has already announced that, in Brazil, the series will be available in its catalog from October 20th, that is, just nine days after its premiere.

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Apparently, as in its original broadcast, the production will be released weekly, always on Thursdays. And still according to the date announced by HBO Max, it is quite likely that the first two episodes will arrive together on streaming, given that The CW will air the second episode on October 18th.

From the comments of the publication, it is possible to see that the fans were very excited about the news, especially because they did not have to wait so long until the series officially arrived in Brazil.

The Winchesters: learn more about the series derived from Supernatural

Featuring Meg Donnelly and Drake Rodger in the roles of Mary Campbell and John Winchester, respectively, the series is expected to show how Dean and Sam’s parents met and became so involved in supernatural issues. In fact, Jensen Ackles is also involved with the production and should narrate a good part of the episodes for the public.

With scripts by David H. Goodman and Robbie Thompson, who also wrote some episodes of the original series, the cast still has names like Bianca Kajlich, Demetria McKinney, Jojo Fleites, Nida Khurshid, Bridget Regan and Billy Slaughter.

According to the official synopsis, when John returns to the United States after fighting in the Vietnam War, he finds himself in the midst of a dangerous mission. From there, he goes in search of answers about his own family, especially his father.

Along the way, he meets 19-year-old Mary. In a curious way, the young demon hunter also seeks to answer some questions about her father.


Thus, the two decide to join forces while having to deal with very strange events. It doesn’t take long for them to fall head over heels in love and make new allies on their journey. Your initial adventure culminates in an emporium of rare books linked to the occult, which grants you more knowledge about the world of demons.

Looking forward to this debut?

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