The Winchesters: Supernatural character is back; Look!


Since October 2022, the 1st season of The Winchestersspin off of Supernatural, has warmed the hearts of fans of the original series. And, in the last episode of The CW production, which in Brazil is available on HBO Max, an iconic and very beloved character appeared unexpectedly.

This is Dean Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles), who, it seems, would have been responsible for delivering the infamous letter from Henry (Gil McKinney), his grandfather, to John (Drake Rodger), his own father.

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The Winchesters: understand how it all happened

The entitled “Hang On to Your Life”, which consists of the eighth episode of the series and was presented after a period of hiatus this year, brought a very important revelation to the narrative through a photo viewed by John and Mary (Meg Donnelly) .

Including, during the official exhibition, several fans took to social networks to theorize about the appearance of Dean, since the character would need to have traveled in time to carry out the task in question.

“This is really a gift for this fandom: having creators who love the characters as much, if not more than we do”, wrote a fan on Twitter, who took the opportunity to share one of the videos published by the producers on the official Instagram of the series in which Jensen Ackles arises by reacting to the scene where your character appears again.

You can check out the full post below!

Learn more about the spin-off of Supernatural

Although this was quite a surprise for most of the fans who follow The Winchestersit is worth noting that Jensen Ackles has not been so far removed from this universe in recent times, since, in addition to serving as the narrator of the episodes, he is also one of the executive producers of the project.

In this way, taking into account that Dean Winchester is telling the story of his parents, John and Mary, and given the recent appearance of his character in a specific way, it is very likely that by the end of this season, viewers will be able to have answers about this fact. that messes with the temporal structures of Supernatural.

(The CW/Playback)Source: The CW

Set in the 1970s, The Winchesters it also features Nida Khurshid as Latika, Jojo Fleites as Carlos Cervantez, Demetria McKinney as Ada Monroe and Bianca Kajlich as Millie Winchester.

So stay tuned and don’t miss the next thrills in the series!

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