The Winchesters: Meg Donelly Doesn’t Rule Out Jensen Ackles’ Return

since launchthe series The Winchesters is giving the talk among fans of Supernatural🇧🇷 And, in the midst of that, a question is often asked: after all, will we have a chance to see Dean and Sam in the series? After all, the show was created by Jensen Ackles and he never hid his passion for the story.

However, the series is a prelude to Supernatural and tells the story of Mary and John, the boys’ parents. So, is there a possibility of a leap into the future? According to the protagonist of the series, yes, there is such a possibility. Let’s understand better!

(Source: The CW/Disclosure)Source: CW

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The Winchesters: Meg Donelly Talks Jensen Ackles’ Return

In interview. Donelly, who plays Mary Winchester, does not hide her desire to work with the series’ narrator and also does not rule out the possibility that Dean appears in an episode.

“It would be nice for Mary to meet Dean again. Just for my own good – it would be so much fun to work with Jensen Ackles again. I am not sure. We definitely have lines or scenes that are odes to that, but I don’t want to spoil it.”

Therefore, the possibility that Dean Winchester appears in an episode is not null. By the way, it is worth remembering that Mary and John also appeared in some episodes of Supernaturalsuch as flashbacks or time travel.

With a return scheduled for 2023, but still no set date, the cast features Jensen Ackles, Meg Donnelly, Drake Rodger, Bianca Kajlich, Bridget Regan and newcomer to the Supernatural universe, Tom Welling. The series is available on HBO Max.

(Source: The CW/Disclosure)(Source: The CW/Disclosure)Source: The CW

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