The Winchesters: Jensen Ackles reveals paranormal case on Supernatural

During an interview to publicize his new project, the spin-off of Supernatural called The WinchestersJensen Ackles, who played Dean throughout the series and will now narrate the prequel, recounted the only supernatural experience he had while filming the original series.


The situation happened at Riverview Psychiatric Hospital in Canada. The location was the setting for one of the first episodes of the series and local legends claimed that the place was, in fact, haunted. However, Jensen never really believed in the supernatural.

“I feel that my wife [com quem ele cocriou o spin-off] is more open to that kind of experience. I usually look for the most logical explanation for things. Like, there’s definitely an explanation for why this window closed on its own,” she said.


(Source: The CW/Disclosure)Source: The CW

Still, the actor admits he’s had an experience he can’t explain. While recording at Riverview, he decided to explore the place and, even after one of the assistants told her that she was pushed down the stairs when she was alone, he didn’t give up and entered a room on the 4th floor, the most feared.


“There was a bathtub in the middle of the room and I lay in it. For a while, I thought everything was fine. But all of a sudden I felt a shiver and a pressure in my chest and I ran out of there,” she concluded. According to the actor, this was the only paranormal experience of his life.

More about The Winchesters

The spin-off of Supernatural premieres October 11 and will tell the story of John and Mary Winchester long before they were married and had their children, Dean and Sam. Narrated by Jensen Ackles, the series stars Meg Donnelly and Drake Rodgers.

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