The Winchesters: Actor Compares Supernatural Spin-Off to Breaking Bad

Actor Drake Rodger, who in The Winchesters will be the younger version of John (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the original), compared the spinoff series to Supernatural with breaking bad. He pointed out that audiences will see similarities in his character’s journey with Walter White’s.


“Season 1 episode 20 is one of my favorites from Supernatural and reveals a lot about John Winchester. During one scene, he says ‘once Mary died, all I saw was the evil in the world around me’. Soon, it sets out on a very bloody path,” he commented in an interview with Metacritic.

According to the actor, the attraction will show a different side of John compared to the version of Jeffrey Dean Morgan seen in the original series. “We’re going to show who John Winchester could have been, what he wanted to be, versus what fate or God had in store for him.”


“I consider this transition a sad story, something very similar to what we saw with Walter White/Heisenberg in breaking bad”, he added.

Drake Rodger says The Winchesters will show a different side of John, who will have a journey similar to Walter White’s in Breaking Bad.Source: Source: The CW/Reproduction


The Winchesters will tell how Mary and John Winchester met, as well as the beginning of their trajectories as demon hunters. As indicated by Rodger, the spin-off should offer different layers of characters already known in the mother series, from other perspectives.

It is worth remembering that this is not the first time that Supernatural tries to establish a kind of franchise on television. The idea of ​​continuing this universe came with bloodlinesa title that would have Chicago as its main setting, but which did not advance.

The second attempt was with Wayward Sisterswhich would bring back Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) and Claire Novak (Kathryn Newton) as leaders of a group of female hunters, however, without success to get out of the role.


The long-awaited return to the world of Supernatural will finally happen in The Winchesters, which will be released on October 11 on The CW channel in the USA. However, the premiere date in Brazil has not yet been revealed, with the expectation of arriving at some point via HBO Max.

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