“The weight of love”, the Kdrama with a story that does not go out of style resurfaces on Netflix

“The Weight of Love,” a South Korean romantic comedy TV series about a romance between a personal trainer and a 33-year-old lawyer who is overweight. (KBS Media)

The weight of love (Oh my Venus) is a romantic comedy which is very popular in 2015. It could be said that it is a typical drama, but the chemistry between the main characters and the way they dealt with the main message make it a quality story, worth giving it a try.

the weight of love tells the story of Kang Joo Eun, who used to be a very popular girl in her youth due to her beauty. She is now 33 and she is a lawyer just dumped by her partner 15 years ago, who dumped her for not being as attractive as she used to be.. She lives to do everything possible to support her family, but her worries are so many that they have led her to neglect her health and especially her image.

Shin Min A, female lead in "The Weight of Love."  (KBS Media)
Shin Min A, female lead in “The Weight of Love.” (KBS Media)

She thinks that she is not so attractive anymore, plus she is highly judged by her weight. However, her life gives her an opportunity she never imagined when she meets a man named Kim Young Ho, a celebrity personal trainer in the US and also the grandson of a millionaire family in Korea, who will help her regain her self-confidence. same.

As for Young Ho, despite being a rich kid, he had a very sad past; since most of his childhood was spent locked up in a hospital receiving very painful treatments. Situation that in his adult life continues to torment him. Nevertheless, During this story, destiny and the thread that unites them will force them to come together again and again, making their bond become closer and closer, and the two will discover the meaning of true love.

"The Weight of Love", 2015 Korean drama. (KBS Media)
“The Weight of Love”, 2015 Korean drama. (KBS Media)

At the beginning of the weight of love, without seeing it in depth, it could feel like a story made up of a superficial plot, considering the extreme standards of beauty in South Korea; but not. The drama goes beyond a woman becoming beautiful to make a man fall in love (as traditionally seen on TV), but rather is a look at your physical and mental health.

It also addresses striking issues such as, for example, social pressure to meet beauty standards, following diets suggested by influencers and other related people, and the saturation of messages in the media that make us believe that the only accepted beauty is that of the thin woman and of course, “groomed”. Beyond all that, the weight of love it is a reminder about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

So Ji-sub plays the role of Kim Young Ho in "The Weight of Love."  He is also protagonists.  (KBS Media)
So Ji-sub plays the role of Kim Young Ho in “The Weight of Love.” He is also protagonists. (KBS Media)

In the same way, this story will entertain you a lot, since it does not leave comedy aside, due to the double meaning that they handle in many suggestive scenes. And you will also have fun with the trio of friends made up of the protagonists and their faithful companions; although it is much better when they get together with the protagonist.

What if I recommend this drama? Of course! It’s popular, it’s very entertaining, with an important background message, and it breaks away from the clichéd stories. It is also starring Shin Min A (our blue horizon Y love is like cha cha Y So Ji-sub (Dr Lawyer); renowned actors in the South Korean industry.

Fact: In Latin America, the weight of love It’s starting to trend Netflix.

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