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The Walking Dead: Rick, Daryl and Negan series get premiere forecast

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Even if The Walking Dead Although it ended last year in its 11th season, there’s still a lot more of the zombie universe to come. In all, there are three new spin-offs scheduled to hit the screens soon. And the good news is that the productions already have a premiere forecast.

According to Alex Zalben, editor of the Decidefans will be able to see the new adventures of Rick, Daryl, Meg, Michonne and Negan sooner than expected.

The Walking Dead: Dead Cityfocusing on Meg and Negan in New York City, will arrive later this June, while The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon expected to debut at the end of 2023.

Already the spin-off centered on Rick Grimes and Michonne will begin recording in the coming months and should debut only in 2024.

In an official statement, Dan McDermott, president of entertainment at AMC Studios, says that the world of The Walking Dead it should expand further and take the characters to different parts of the world.

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“This next phase of our beloved franchise walking Dead promises to engage and delight loyal viewers. Fans new and old alike will love seeing zombies crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, under the Eiffel Tower, inside the Louvre and in dozens of the most exotic and iconic locations across the country and the world,” he said in a statement.

Scott M. Gimple, director of content for the universe of The Walking Deadalso gave a preview of what to expect from the new productions.

“Maggie and Negan in the insane asylum of post-apocalyptic Manhattan depending only on each other… Daryl Dixon in France, a loner facing vicious enemies and threats never seen before from the undead. And Rick and Michonne in a romantic saga about the dangerous path one to the other,” he said.

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