The Walking Dead producer explains shocking death and fan-desired ending



Yesterday (20), the 11th season of The Walking Dead came to an end, with episode 24, entitled “Rest in Peace”. The chapter, by the way, also served as a series finale, marking the end of the production as a whole. And, as fans already expected, the last part of TWD was marked by a lot of emotion, deaths and surprises.

Who spoke about all this was the executive producer of the AMC series, Angela Kang, who gave a revealing interview to the TV Line website. See their top lines!

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Rick and Michonne


On the surprise appearance of beloved characters Rick and Michonne in The Walking Dead season 11 finale, Angela said the show wouldn’t be complete without their return.

“I know it wasn’t just up to me, there were a lot of things that needed to be worked on, but it was my wish. And then it took many, many, many months for it to actually happen,” she revealed.


Remembering that there is a series spin off focused on Rick and Michonne being produced and which should close the narrative arcs of the characters.

Rosita’s death

About the great death of the series finale, which was Rosita’s, the producer said that it was actress Christian Serratos herself (who played Rosita) who suggested the fact.

“I was talking to her about our plans for the finale, and I kind of made a ‘blah, blah, blah, deaths — unless someone volunteers’ joke. And she said, ‘would you be open to Rosita’s idea? die in the end?’ Then she gave me a very passionate argument [..]🇧🇷


Season 11 of The Walking Dead brought a lot of surprises for fans of the zombie series.Source: AMC/Playback

annie survives

“For Annie, we always imagined her alive to leave [ela e o bebê] as a possibility for Negan in the future. We thought there was something interesting about him getting married. But that’s something for the next series,” Kang said of Annie’s survival.

Daryl, Carol and Connie

About a possible romance between Daryl and Connie, the executive clarified that there was a climate between the two, but that the plans for the couple changed when Lauren Ridloff (Connie’s actress) had to leave the narrative for a while (to make a Marvel movie ). “We could have explored that more if she wasn’t absent for a good part of the story.”

As for Carol, Angela said that the idea was for her to leave with Daryl at the end, kicking off the spin off planned for both. However, the actress decided not to go ahead with the production.

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