The Walking Dead: Dead City – spin-off with Meggie and Negan gets details

Everything, unfortunately, ends one day. Including our favorite series. It was the case of The Walking Dead, which came to an end last Sunday (20), with the airing of the last episode of the 11th season. The work ended with some shocking deaths, surprises and new directions for the franchise.


And, speaking of new directions, several spin-off productions of The Walking Dead have already been announced, including a series focused on Rick and Michonne, who left the original production over time; a series about Daryl (which would also have Carol’s participation, but actress Melissa McBride decided not to follow the plot); and a series that will tackle the curious partnership between Maggie and Negan.

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The latter, by the way, which will be called The Walking Dead: Dead City, is one of the most anticipated and has already gained some important details. We already know, for example, that the duo’s new series will take place three years after the last events of TWD🇧🇷


See trailer:


“I think the spin-off will take place a few years after the end of The Walking Dead, and here’s the problem with those years – we don’t see what happened to these characters. Negan has an opportunity to revert to his old ways in these unseen years. He’s a creature of habit and he knows how to survive,” Jeffrey Dean Morgan told Deadline.

that is, in dead citywe will see how is the troubled relationship between the protagonists, who seem to have settled at the end of TWD🇧🇷 However, even with Negan asking for forgiveness for the murder of Glenn, Maggie says that she will never be able to forgive him, but that she is trying not to hate him.

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In that sense, if Negan goes back to his old ways, as Morgan revealed, it could be that the partnership with Maggie is purely one of survival, not friendship. “I’m worried about […] what he has become and will become”, concluded the actor.


Another question that has not yet been answered is how Negan and Maggie end up in New York, where it takes place. dead city🇧🇷 However, one thing is certain: we can expect new characters on the way, new dramas and many dangers.

TWD: Dead City premieres in April 2023 on AMC and AMC+ streaming. In Brazil, the series should premiere on Star+.

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