The Walking Dead: All About the Series’ 11th Season Finale

The end has come. Yesterday (20), episode 11×24 of The Walking Dead, called “Rest in Peace”, not only marked the end of the 11th season of the zombie series, but the series finale of the production🇧🇷 From now on, TWD’s narrative parts for various productions spin off, many already announced, including.


But what happened at the end of season 11 of The Walking Dead, in the end? Who died and who survived? Find out everything now!

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important deaths

The episode begins with Luke and Jules being bitten when attacked by walkers. Despite fighting valiantly, the characters do not survive the end of TWD. But the deaths did not stop there.


Rosita was another important figure who didn’t make it to the end alive. When trying to escape from a horde of zombies, the character is bitten, which is only revealed later. When she claims she doesn’t have much time left, Eugene comforts her and ultimately kills her.

Negan and Maggie are still trying to form an alliance. The two will have a spin-off series soon.Source: AMC/Playback

Negan and Maggie (and Pamela)


Following his path of redemption, the episode also featured Negan showing Maggie all his regret for killing Glenn.

This happens when he tries to form an alliance with the girl to overthrow Pamela, however, she refuses. When he leaves alone, therefore, for the plane, Maggie stops him and that’s when the character reflects more on his actions.

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However, Pamela ends up paying for her sins anyway in the end. Mercer, Daryl, Carol and company arrest the villain and, finally, Maggie lets Lance rip Pamela’s face off.


At this point, Maggie reveals that she still can’t forgive Negan, but that she’s trying. We will likely see the unfolding of this relationship in the series. spin off of the two, called The Walking Dead: Dead City.

What happens next?

A year after all, we find out that Eugene and Max have had a baby girl, named Rosie; Ezekiel became the governor of the Commonwealth and Mercer his right-hand man; Negan sent Judith a compass as a way to show that he hopes she will find her dreams; Daryl and Connie don’t get along.

Daryl, by the way, finally separates from Carol, as he goes on a new adventure to try to find Rick and Michonne and she decides not to go along.

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Rick and Michonne

Finally, the episode still features Rick and Michonne writing letters to Judith. Apparently, he has the CRM and she’s still looking for him. The fact served as an introduction to the production spin off character based.

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