The Walking Dead: 7 times Negan was the show’s good guy

Negan has always been one of the most iconic characters in The Walking Dead🇧🇷 After all, he has already arrived causing in the 6th season of the series and has always been considered one of the great villains of the plot.🇧🇷 It’s not for less, since he really did horrible things during his participation in the show.


However, anyone who is a true fan of the series knows well that not everything is what it seems. This means that, although it is portrayed as the great antagonist of The Walking Dead, Negan also had his good guy moments🇧🇷

Especially in season 10, which brought a redemption arc for the character, as he saved the day a few times. Let’s remember which ones?

7 – When he killed Alpha


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One of Negan’s biggest moments was when he killed Alpha, this being a request from Carol. Alpha and the Whisperers were quite a malicious group and she even went so far as to kill several of the survivors and put their heads on spears. So, as much as he is a villain killing a villain, Negan did the show a huge favor by killing her.

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6 – When He Comforted Judith


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Also, another big Negan moment came when he comforted Judith in the swing scene when they were waiting for Rick to arrive. As much as he was doing this out of his grudge, he is very affectionate towards the child – indeed, any child he encounters along his journey.

He would never hurt a child and he stayed true to his word at all times!

5 – When he saved Daryl’s life

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In the 10th season of The Walking Dead, after killing Alpha, Daryl finds Negan and threatens to kill him. Then, a group of Whisperers find him and they swear allegiance to the villain, but Negan himself admits that he’s just toying with the group.

At this moment, he could kill Daryl, but he doesn’t. In fact, he kills the Whisperers to save Daryl’s life!

4 – When he defended Rick

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As much as this has only happened once, Negan has already stood by Rick’s side. This happened when he was approached by Spencer after Carl’s kidnapping. Spencer says that Negan is the heir to Alexandria and wants his help in killing Rick.

However, Negan does not accept the proposal and helps to save his life. It doesn’t even feel like we’re talking about the same character!

3 – When he protected Sasha

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In the 7th season of The Walking Dead, David enters Sasha’s cell and threatens to rape her. The girl’s luck is that Negan intervenes and prevents David from harming her, including killing the character.

Therefore, there is no doubt that he maintains a moral code.

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2 – When he protected the Hilltop

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Alpha launches an attack on the Hilltop and plans to kill everyone in the community. However, Negan stops things from getting out of hand and tries to save the survivors. Unfortunately, Alpha doesn’t buy into his idea and the Whisperers go ahead with the plan while Negan tries to keep the community intact.

1 – When he broke out of his cell and came back

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Lastly, who remembers when Negan escapes from his cell in Season 9 but decides to return to captivity? While Michonne and the others are away, he escapes and finds Judith, telling her that the world would be a better place without him.

The girl then allows him to escape and Negan starts making his way to the Sanctuary and the place where he killed Abraham and Glenn. So he returns to Alexandria and her cell, deciding to be a good man.

Consequently, it’s not hard to conclude that Negan can be portrayed as a villain, but there’s a lot more nuance to the character. In the end, do you believe he can be a good guy?

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