The Walking Dead: 11 best moments from the series

This Sunday (20), the last episode of The Walking Dead was broadcast and, with that, one of the best series of recent years came to an end. Full of twists, engaging stories and striking characters, the plot has conquered millions of fans around the world and will be remembered in an epic way.


If you’re already missing the series, don’t worry! We separate here The Walking Dead’s Best Moments Across Its 11 Seasons for you to remember the trajectory of your favorite characters. Shall we check?

11 – The first 5 minutes

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Going back to the beginning, right in the first episode, there is no denying that the first minutes were decisive for fans to follow or not watch the series. That’s because many were already familiar with the history of comics. Therefore, if the production was not similar, the chances of them not attending were high.

However, the opening moments brought a sense of familiarity that captivated these fans!

10 – Rick’s Awakening


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Rick was one of the great heroes of the series and a favorite character for many viewers. Soon, his awakening, when he discovers that the world is no longer as he knew it, is a moment that could not be left off the list.

This also happens in the 1st episode, with Rick waking up in a destroyed hospital. Also, in the same episode, he comes face to face with a little zombie girl. It’s creepy!

9 – Michonne’s Arrival

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Also being a fan favorite from the comics, Michonne was highly anticipated in the series. Her arrival in season 2 did not disappoint those who followed The Walking Dead. Not only does she save Andrea, but she also proves to be extremely skilled with the katana!

Michonne and Rick are so beloved that they’re getting their own spin-off now that the original series has come to an end. So keep an eye out to find out more about the production!

8 – The Greene Farm Fire

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Still in the 2nd season, we also have the season finale, which was an audience success at the time it was broadcast. In the episode, a group of walkers attacks Hershel’s farm and causes a barn fire. The scene was one of the best produced and, without a doubt, one of the best of all seasons.

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7 – The death of Lori and Carl

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Two seasons later, in the 1st episode of the 3rd year of the series, Rick finally meets Lori and Carl, his wife and son. He is relieved that they are both okay, but the happiness is short-lived. In the same episode, Lori does not survive childbirth.

A few seasons later, in the 8th, it’s Rick’s turn to lose his son, Carl. The boy’s death leaves Rick without hope and is one of the crucial moments in his career.

6 – The arrival of Negan

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Over the 11 seasons of TWD, Negan has been both loved and hated by fans. After all, his behavior and morals are questionable and, in fact, he is a villain. But even so, his arrival in season 6 fits into one of the best moments of the plot.

He appears with the black leather jacket, bat wrapped in barbed wire and his characteristic personality, already teasing Rick and the others.

5 – The fight against Winslow

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Although Rick and the others have participated in many epic battles, the highlight goes to the fight against Winslow in Season 7. After all, everyone who had faced the zombie before died. Soon, Rick is the only one capable of killing the spike-covered creature!

4 – The introduction of King Ezekiel

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Sitting on a throne with Shiva at his side, King Ezeqkiel was one of Season 7’s big reveals and the moment didn’t disappoint. He finds his match with Carol and convinces the others to follow his lead. It was an epic plot moment!

3 – The heads

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When Daryl, Carol and Michonne find a row of heads pierced by the Alpha, they discover that Tara, Enid and Henry have also been through this cruel treatment. It is one of the cruelest and most impactful scenes in the plot.

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2 – The death of Alpha

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Speaking of which, the moment when Negan, who was Alpha’s lover, finally ends up with the villain, also couldn’t leave the list of best moments of The Walking Dead. The betrayal adds to the doubts about Negan’s character and was very satisfying!

1 – The Battle of the Hilltop

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Last but definitely not least is the action-packed Hilltop battle between the survivors and the Whisperers. The whole scene is majestic and deserves the top of our list!

With the end of the 11th season, no doubt many moments should also make the list of best scenes. So let us know: what were your favorite moments from the final season?

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