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The video of Nikki García, the voice of Google Maps, arguing with herself

Nikki García argues with herself on Twitter. (photo: Twitter)

Everytime that Nikki Garcia drive using Google Maps, receives instructions from herself. This time she shared a video where she replies to the artificial intelligence by not agreeing with the chosen path, generating a hilarious situation.


To get into context, Nikki Garcia She is an announcer, actress and singer but, in addition, she is the voice of the Google Maps Assistant and some time ago he decided to come out of anonymity and take advantage of the fact that his actions in social networks they often go viral to draw attention to their other work.

In August 2022, Nikki was the protagonist of a video that he shared through his account in Twitter.


In it, the announcer simulates having an argument while driving with Google Maps, which gives you directions you don’t like; a mundane situation that most people usually do when annoyed with the Google assistant, except that here the situation becomes surreal and comical when be your own voice. In fact, he says so in the tweet: “Who hasn’t ever argued with himself? I, several a day.”

The woman who puts her voice to the Google Assistant argues with herself and goes viral

Once the video was published, someone pointed out to him that if he asks Google that search for information about Nikki Garcia, the voice that will offer an answer of itself, speaking of itself in the third person.

A man asks about the woman who puts her voice to the Google Assistant, Nikki García

Currently, the video has 724,100 views, 2,985 retweets and more than 17,800 likes. It is worth noting that in addition to providing the voice for the popular assistant, Nikki also performs songs in English, which are available on Spotify, and she works as a presenter for the humor site, El Mundo Today.

Nikki García already had another viral video on social networks

In June 2022, Nikki Garcia also starred in another popular video, but this time with Susan Ballesteros, who gives life to google virtual assistant.

On that occasion, the two wanted to star in a reunion that to this day continues to go around the world. Everything arose as a result of a question from a user of Twitter: “And I wonder: Will the voices of Google know each other? Will Nikki Garcia and the others throw an annual party with competitions and using her ‘robotic’ voice? It wouldn’t be cool.”

Well, after this event, and by way of reply, Nikki Y Suzanne They did not take long to record themselves on video having a conversation with their respective assistant voices.

(photo: Twitter)
(photo: Twitter)

More than 672,200 views on Twitter

In this video they both appear talking after “a hard day of work”. “Okay Nikki. What do we do now?” she asks. Suzanne a Nikkito which she replies: “Now you have a dinner scheduled at 9:30 p.m. at the VIPS on the corner.”

that’s when Suzanne He responds by asking him to move up dinner time, to which Nikki He answers again: “Ok Susana”.

After that, Susan Ballesteros He also speaks using his robotic voice: “What do you want me to tell you?”, to which Nikki replies: “No, what do you want me to say to you?”. A moment in which, suddenly, both seem to “short-circuit” before the constant questions of one and the other: “I am your assistant”.

The dubbing actress Nikki García filmed a video with Susana Ballesteros, another of the voices of the attendees that are used from cell phones.

A video that has already accumulated more than 672,200 views and more than 21,700 ‘likes’, and in which just missing Siri, who did not hesitate to point out that “we were together last year. It was hilarious the moment when I was in the bathroom and they banged on the door shouting ‘Siri, Google Maps is looking for you’”.

(photo: Twitter)
(photo: Twitter)

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