The video of Ewan McGregor eating stew in La Rioja that went viralThe actor undertook a journey of 20,000 kilometers for several months touring 13 countries to film the documentary Long Way Up. At one of the stops, he met an Argentine family from Chilecito who invited him a very special dish

Ewan McGregor ate stew in La Rioja and went viral

There are many times that reality is stranger than fiction, and when it comes to Ewan McGregorhis humility draws a parallel with the emblematic character of Obi Wan Kenobi in the saga of starwars. The actor was in Argentina in September 2020 when he starred in a documentary with Charley Boorman, where they toured Latin America for 100 days. Her passage through our country had many repercussions at that time, but in the last hours A video of one of the stops they made in the province of La Rioja went viral and there he is seen eating stew with a family that received them.

“You are in your lost little town in Argentina and Obi Wan Kenobi falls on you at nap time to remind you that we are good people, let’s never forget that, don’t make us think otherwise. May the Force be with you always”, Expresses the user who replicated the clip that circulates on Tik Tok at the speed of light. The fragment is part of the series Long way up!and Mc Gregor himself recounts the experience they are having on the journey that began in Ushuaia: “We will attempt the longest journey to date.”

The actor who put himself in the skin of the emblematic Obi Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars saga appealed to humor when he was recognized: “Trust your instincts”
Ewan McGregor during his time in Argentina and the reaction of the family that received him
Ewan McGregor during his time in Argentina and the reaction of the family that received him

Meanwhile, draw a line on the map from Bardas Blancas, in Río Grande, Mendoza, to Villa Unión, in La Rioja. “It is 320 kilometers to the town of Belén, we will almost reach the end of the trip through Argentina”, he clarifies. And after riding a motorcycle through the streets of Chilecito, he points out: “We could charge the batteries here. It looks like an electronics store”. When greeted by a couple, he realizes he messed up, and thanks for the warm welcome: “The great thing about this situation is that we came here thinking it was a stereo shop, like those places where car stereos are installed. We thought they would have power, so we went in. And it turns out it’s just his garage.”

“His house is behind. It’s not a store, but they let us connect. They gave us food. It was very funny. And we… They don’t know us!”McGregor expressed gratitude. Then he is seen tasting a stew with the owners of the house, and remarks again: “Heavens! We’ve just arrived. We are strangers, and now we use their electricity and eat their food”.

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman recorded some episodes of Long Way Up!  In our country
Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman recorded some episodes of Long Way Up! In our country

Another of the pearls of the video occurs when one of the members of the family identifies the actor, but not because of the universe created by George Lucas, but because of The islandthe film in which he starred with Scarlett Johansson in 2005. “He’s recognizing me! Be a little suspicious about my identity.”Mc Gregor joked in English, and finished off with a nod to the Jedi message: “Use your instincts. Use the force”.

Boorman closes the video with a reflection on his time in Argentina: “One of the things I will always remember about this country is the people. The people here are amazing, amazing. Friendly, attentive, with open doors… Nobody ever said no to us. It is a great place in the world. I’m sorry to leave.” It should be remembered that this year the fans of the saga returned to see the actor in the skin of Obi Wan Kenobi in the series available on Disney +, which takes up the story of the iconic character. In one of the interviews where he promoted the launch, he spoke about his time in Argentina, and he was full of praise again: “It was a privilege to be there, I can’t choose a single favorite place; the whole country is so beautiful, Patagonia is beautiful, and of course I have a beautiful mate with a bombilla in my house”.

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