The unexpected reunion of actors Dwayne Johnson and John Cena in WWE

The unexpected reunion of actors Dwayne Johnson and John Cena in WWE

The world of wrestling has given us great Hollywood performers in recent decades. And the memorable performances of some, such as Dwayne Johnson or John Cena, in WWE continue to be etched in the retinas of the viewers, who now have once again witnessed a friendly confrontation before both.

At one point during the broadcast of SmackDownthe popular WWE television show, Dwayne Johnson unexpectedly reappeared among the applause and cheers of the public. The actor made an appearance alongside his signature soundtrack, and was seen alongside Pat MacAfee and Austin Theory.

Later, we witnessed some behind the scenes images where He also coincided with another of the iconic figures of wrestling competition, John Cena.. Both joked first with a moment of tension and then merged into a hug that conquered the audience. The quarrels between the two are left behind.

The confrontation between Dwayne Johnson and John Cena

In 2018, Cena had to apologize to Johnson for the second confrontation in Wrestlemania that they maintained years ago. In the previous meeting, Cena reproached The Rock for abandoning his career as a wrestler to make the leap to acting. Some words that he himself had to eat after beginning his professional career as an actor.

My opinion was that if you love something, you should be there every day. How hypocritical I am, because I still love WWE and I can’t always go. And I just didn’t see it. I was so selfish,” Cena said then.

The most muscular duo in cinema shared two iconic fights at WrestleMania, the last one mentioned in 2013, which attracted a huge audience. Then the two They worked together on the film Fighting as a family (Stephen Merchant, 2019), before they met again Fast & Furious 10co-starring Cena.

After the premiere of Fast X, where Johnson had a small moment that announced his return to the franchise, he decided to form active part of the strike of Hollywood actors and scriptwriters. La Roca made a million-dollar donation to offset the expenses incurred by workers who remain in negotiations with the Alliance of Film and Television Producers (AMPTP).

For its part, John Cenawhom we recently saw in a small role in Barbieannounced his momentary return to WWE. A decision that many people did not like, accusing him of being a strike scab, complying with SAG-AFTRA regulations, but benefiting from his television appearances, despite the prohibition on promotions. Some criticism that could now also affect Dwayne Johnson.

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