The unexpected film for which Scarlett Johansson was about to leave her career as an actress

With a budget of 100 million dollars, the science fiction film gravity achieved in 2013 more than 748 million. The Mexican film Alfonso Cuaron received numerous praises and recognition from awards such as the Oscars, where she was present in up to 10 categories, including leading actress, with Sandra Bullock. A role that could have fallen into the hands of another renowned Hollywood performer.

“I was rejected from two roles, the first was iron man 2 and the other was gravitythe film by Alfonso Cuarón”, recently confessed scarlett johanson for Variety. The first move didn’t go too bad for her, since Emily Blunt had to finally turn down the role of Black Widow and it finally fell into her hands.

However, the loss of the role of astronaut Ryan Stone was a hard blow for her, after she tasted the honey of success in the screen test, putting on her space suit and pretending that she was floating in space.

“I had wanted that role so badly. It was like the last straw. I felt really frustrated and hopeless, it made me rethink if I was doing the right job,” the actress confesses about this bump that almost cost her her own professional career.

Scarlett Johansson turned down being Marilyn Monroe

“The jobs I was offered felt deeply unfulfilling. I think They offered me all of Marilyn Monroe’s scripts. I was like: ‘Is this the end of the creative path?

At the dawn of her filmography, Johansson was repeatedly cast as Monroe, coming to feel that many only saw her in a cliché of explosive blonde. The reason behind her rejection of the biopics that she was offered about the classic Hollywood actress.

This event was a critical moment for the New York actress, who I was no longer a rookie after working in large productions as lost in translation, The girl of the pearl, Match Point either The final trick (The prestige). At 38, Johansson is now in one of the best moments of his career, which soon it will also add the premiere of the film Asteroid Cityby Wes Anderson.

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