There are still a few months left for it to be available on the Netflix platform rebel moon. The movie on the line Star Wars of zack snyder will premiere there December 22, but the campaign, also taking advantage of the summer pull, is intensifying with new and juicy news. One is brought to us by the same filmmaker through an exclusive interview for Vanity Fair and it’s not just that the feature film will be divided into two partsto accommodate more situations and character development, but both will also consist of a couple of versions each.

In short, each part will have a version “for anyone to see and enjoy” and another that will be more explicit and strictly for adults. “I think it will be fun for my fans and people who are ready to take a deeper, harder dive.”, explained the director. Taking into account that the original script of rebel moon, initially intended as a single film, would have 172 pages, the total footage would exceed three hours in length.

The plot is inspired by the saga Star Warsand also the classic the seven samurai of kurosawaand one of its main protagonists would be Sofia Boutella playing Kora, a fugitive warrior welcomed in a peaceful agricultural colony and who, settled and accepted in her new home, must undertake the mission of recruiting a group of space mercenaries who can help her people to fend off Balisarius’s attacka tyrannical ruler.

In the cast we will have other well-known faces such as Djimon Hounsou, Ray Fisher, Charlie Hunnam, Cary Elwes, Jena Malone either Ed Skrein (as Balisarius); and providing his voice, not his presence, to Anthony Hopkins in a character named “Jimmy.”

And all this leads us to the second novelty, the new images of the film that have been publishedalso exclusive to Vanity Fair.

rebel moon It is a project that Snyder had been developing for years and wanted to incorporate as one of the movies in the universe Star Wars original, however, Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm upset their plans. But his wish is now a reality thanks to the platform of streaming.

Let’s get ready, then, for another big production from a Snyder who has made Netflix his new home, a place to unleash their “universes”be the one of rebel moon or the zombies and thieves started with army of the dead in 2021.

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