The turnover of the mobile market decreased in the third quarter

Both Omdia and Canalys made public their data for the third quarter (Q3) of 2022, which in unison report that the turnover of the mobile market worldwide fell by 9% compared to the previous year. Compared to the second quarter, however, Q3, which lasted from July to September, brought a minimal improvement, with 2.5% higher consumer sentiment in the third quarter than in the second. This can be explained by the appearance of Samsung’s high-end bendable devices and the new iPhones.

Data from past quarters. (source: Canalys) [+]

The total turnover in Q3 2022 was 297.8 million smartphones, of which 64.1 million were from Samsung, 52.2 million from Apple, 40.5 million from Xiaomi, 28.5 million from Oppo, 27.4 million Vivo and the remaining 84.3 million were shipped by all other manufacturers combined. Samsung dominated 22% of the market in Q3, maintaining its leading position. At the same time, there is a decrease in the number of units sold, almost 5 million fewer Galaxy were delivered. Apple grew, they dominate 18% of the market and sold 2.8 million iPhones more than a year ago. After the first two places, there are only Chinese manufacturers in the TOP 10, none of them could show growth with the exception of Huawei, which in tenth position sold 8.6 million mobile phones in 2022 instead of 5.8 million delivered in 2021.

Omdia data for Q3 2022.
Omdia data for Q3 2022. (source: Omdia)

In Q3 2022, some regions in Europe and Asia, such as India, Indonesia, and the Philippines, showed higher demand for smartphones. In Europe, the highest demand was for high-end devices from Apple and Samsung, while the demand for mid-range and entry-level phones was more moderate.

For the fourth quarter, Canalys analysts are predicting lower manufacturer targets and slow inventory turnover. The situation of the mobile market is gloomy in the current economic and political environment, for those manufacturers that do not have popular and well-known devices that can be called icons, it will be important to have a good strategy in order to stay competitive.

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