The trouble that Drew Barrymore has gotten into by violating the Hollywood strike (and for which he has apologized twice)

The trouble that Drew Barrymore has gotten into by violating the Hollywood strike (and for which he has apologized twice)

drew Barrymore He is a very beloved figure in Hollywood. Her charm has led her to successfully present The Drew Barrymore Showa morning interview broadcast C.B.S.. Once the strike broke out Writers Guildand later Actors (grouped respectively under the WGA and the SAG-AFTRA), Barrymore’s instinctive attitude was to publicly support the protests, but as host of her show she has ended up finding herself in a conflict of interest.

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One that has caused great damage to his public image. Variety echoes that The Drew Barrymore Show will not broadcast new programs on television until the strike is over. What sounds like Barrymore has acted in accordance with her convictions, but this is just the culmination of some very hectic days, where the actress’s doubts before making this decision have earned multiple criticisms. The point is that, before agreeing that The Drew Barrymore Show would not return, programs for this new season were recorded. The plan was to start releasing them this September 18.

Of course, the scriptwriters of The Drew Barrymore Show They are on the streets, so they couldn’t participate in them. The program had to continue filming without scriptwriters, in order to respect a strict agreement with CBS. The network and Barrymore’s show have the agreement known as Network Television Show: a contract that is independent of the regulations of the unions and that, regardless of what happens with the workers, states that, if they are not issued 35 weeks of a certain content, it is cancelled.

Hence Barrymore had to continue with the program despite everything, and hence he announced that The Drew Barrymore Show I would come back after all. The predictable hostile reaction led to Barrymore posting a video on Instagram this weekend apologizing… sort of. Basically, she said through tears that the situation was beyond her control. “I couldn’t expect this kind of attention. I wanted to do it because this is bigger than me, and the stakes are other people’s works”.

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“I think that There is nothing I can do or say at this moment so that it is well,” the actress assumed. As expected, such an intervention did not alleviate the criticism, but rather intensified it. While Barrymore deleted the publication from his profile, the WGA decided to picket the program this Monday, and declared that “Drew Barrymore It shouldn’t be on the air while its writers are on strike fighting for a fair agreement.” “Actually, shows like this can’t work without writers, and that it’s striking work”.

Barrymore’s decision to resume filming also led to the awards National Book will withdraw the invitation to present the next awards ceremony. A great pressure, in short, that has finally resulted in the joint decision of CBS to leave the new programs in the drawer and not to return with their new season: in this slot repeated episodes will be broadcast, while other programs suffer a similar fate. as TheTalk and The Jennifer Hudson Show.

Likewise, Barrymore has apologized again. This time, after an effective decision. There is a statement on his Instagram where he says that she “has listened to everyone and made the decision to pause the show until the strike is over.” “There are no words to express my deepest apologies to anyone I have hurt and of course to our incredible team who work on the show and make it what it is today. Really we try to find the way forward. And I really hope for an industry-wide resolution very soon.”

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