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The trick to know what the deleted messages on WhatsApp said

Surely on some occasion you have been able to receive a message by WhatsAppbut was removed immediately. The truth is that even if it is thought that the other person cannot know its content in any way, exist Applications they are able to retrieve these messages.


The most prominent of these applications is WAMR, which is able to find out what is behind a deleted message not only from WhatsApp, also from Telegram either FacebookMessenger. To do this, use a weakness of the operating system of these platforms.

Because all messages that are sent are encrypted, this app cannot directly access the message. Although it is capable of recording the information of the user notifications.


In this way, creates a copy of what the notifications are showing with all the information to which it has access. Here, in addition to the text, all kinds of files are included: images, videos, voice notes, gifs or stickers.

What does WAMR do with the message that a person has deleted


This app is available for Google Play Store for a few years and It already has more than fifty million downloads. Although it has its limitations and is not able to access the messages in all cases.

In case, for example, someone sends a message on WhatsApp, but they directly deleted it from the conversation, WAMR is able to report this event and gives access to the deleted message. Without the other person being aware of it.

By this it is meant that If a user has turned off notifications for a certain chat, they will not be able to access those messages because they do not occur as a notification. Another case in which it is not recorded is if the message has arrived when the person is in the conversation itself.


On the other hand, if the message has been deleted before it has been completely downloaded, it will not be possible to know its content either.

Also keep in mind that in case the power settings of the terminal stop some apps in the background to avoid consuming so much battery, it will not be possible to show it either.

So, it can be seen that WAMR can be very useful on many occasions, although it is also an application that has no respect for the privacy of users. Although it is not on the list of malicious apps, the International Institute of Cyber ​​Security qualifies it as risky because to use it, a large number of permits must be accepted.

The method in WhatsApp to know if a contact is tracking my location in real time

– First, make sure that WhatsApp does not have pending updates in Google Play Store from Android either app store from iOS.

– Now, open the application and press the icon of the three vertical points that are located in the upper right corner.

– In the case of mobile iPhonetap on the Settingsit can be located with an icon of a cogwheel or gear.

– Now, access the sections Settings > Account > Privacy.

– Here press the section Real time location.

– All the people to whom the location was shared will appear in real time, it means that those contacts know where you are at all times.

– You just have to tap on the red button called stop sharing and voila, the location will have disappeared automatically.

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