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The trick to hide photos and videos in the gallery of an iPhone

The Photos app iPhone allows you to view the photos that are taken with the terminal’s camera, the images that we download from the Internet and the multimedia files that are received through WhatsApp or any other messaging app.


All this content, although stored in their respective albums, is also displayed in the ‘Recent’ folder, which may cause private or compromising images to appear alongside publicly available photos, and when you want to show said reel material to friends or family, they get surprises. Fortunately, There is a very easy way to hide these types of images on an iPhone.

Manzanain fact, has an option that allows you to hide any type of photo or video from the iPhone Photos app. Therefore, no need to use any third party app. Also, when we hide an image, it disappears not only from the ‘Recents’ folder, but also from any other album.


How to hide photos and videos on an iPhone

– First you have to locate the image or video you want to hide from the gallery.


– Then touch the share icon that appears at the bottom of the screen.

– Once in the sharing options menu, click on the option called ‘Hide’. Finally, confirm the action.

If desired, they can also be hide multiple images at once application iPhone Photos. To do this, follow the steps detailed below:


– Go to folder overview ‘Recent’

– Click the button ‘To select’ that appears at the top and select all the images that you want to hide.

– Then click on the button ‘Share’ and press ‘Hide’.

This is how you can disable the ‘Hidden’ photo album on the iPhone

Photos that have been hidden on the iPhone will appear in a folder called ‘Hidden’, located at the bottom of the ‘Albums’ tab.

From there, you can view hidden photos and share them, or remove them from this folder so they reappear in your photo library.

if desired hide this album so that it does not leave a trace in the application, here is the step by step:

1. Access the app Settings of the iPhone or iPad.

2. Locate Photos and access the section settings.

3. Deactivate the option ‘hidden album’.

And voila, the ‘Hidden’ album will no longer appear in the photo gallery. Finally, to be able to display hidden images from the album in the Photos app on iPhone again, You have to perform the same steps and activate the previous option.

This is how you can convert a web page into a PDF document

This trick only works with Safari, the Web navigator default for iPhone developed by technology company Manzana; although it is also compatible with some sites of Google Chrome.

Before moving on to the guide, it should also be noted that the mobile device should have iOS 14 or higher installed. By meeting these conditions, you can now convert your favorite web pages into PDF documents. Now yes, step by step:

1. Through your iPhone, visit any web page from Safari or Google Chrome browsers.

2. Now take a screenshot.

3. The image will appear as a thumbnail. Now, it is necessary put the mentioned image in the lower left corner, then do click.

4. On the screenshot, you will see some options at the top, click ‘Full page’.

5. The web browser automatically convert the currently visited page in a PDF document.

6. The next step is to click on the icon ‘Share’, an option represented as a folder with an up arrow.

7. Finally, to archive the document, click on the section ‘Save to file’.

Done, whenever you want to read a document, will be stored in the file folder of the iPhone mobile phone, so you won’t waste storage space with lots of screenshots or mobile data while browsing Internet.

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