The tragic truth about the death of Anna Nicole Smith

There are deaths that shrink the heart and that of Anna Nicole Smith was one of them.. Smith’s was a life and death marked by tragedy, a story about which the truth was not always known and that Netflix now includes in the documentary ‘Anna Nicole Smith: You Don’t Know Me’, released on May 16.

Anna Nicole Smith was found unconscious in her hotel room in 2007, although cardiopulmonary resuscitation was performed, nothing can be done for her, who was pronounced dead on arrival at the Hospital. Her death was ruled an accidental drug overdose, a mixture of up to 11 prescription drugs, though not all to her.

Throughout the documentary some of the many shadows that the life of Anne Nicole had, whose parents they divorced when she was still a baby. Her mother threw her father out of the house after discovering that she had abused a relative, something that is also reflected in the film directed by Ursula Macfarlane.

The tragic life of Anna Nicole

At only 17 years old he met who would be her first husband, Billy Smith, father of her son Daniel. The marriage did not last long and Anne chose to work as a stripper, until she got her first break as a model for Playboy magazine. This opened many doors for him. posed for advertising campaigns and even participated in movieswith less success than during her modeling career.

During all this time she had tried to remain relevant in the world of fashion, for which had chosen to undergo some aesthetic operations. A breast augmentation that caused her severe pain, but which she did not want to give up in case it meant the end of her career, after all, her fame was due to the fact that she was considered a sex symbol.

In 1993 she was named Playboy girl of the year and also married millionaire Howard Marshall, she was 26 years old and he was 89, which caused her to be accused of gold digging and suffered great media pressure. Marshall died a year later and left his entire inheritance to his children, no trace of who his last wife had been, something that she claimed in court.

The loss of his son and his severe depression

Thus began his final descent into hell. She declared bankruptcy due to various judicial disputes, harassed by the press and consuming benzodiazepines and alcohol. The actress was in a constant struggle to regain her lost fame and shine. She came to star in her own reality show, in which she followed her day to day.

anna nicole smith

The consumption of medicines increased, he even went through a detoxification clinic. In 2006 she became a mother for the second time, of a girl, Dannielynn, also lost his eldest son, Daniel, who was traveling to meet his sister and died of an overdose in the bathroom of the clinic. This was a hard blow for her, who was entering a severe depression.

In 2007 he decided to take a break in Florida with his partner at the time, Howard Stern; As soon as she arrived, she began to have high fevers, although she did not want to go to the hospital for fear of harassment from the press.

Later it was concluded that these fevers could be caused by the infection that he had in his body, produced by the vitamin injections that you had been taking for a long time to stay slim. The combination of septicemia or blood poisoning caused by the infection and the medications that she was taking almost constantly was decisive in her death.

Both his partner, in whose name they were prescribed some of the medications, like Smith’s psychiatrist, Khristine Eroschevich, and her personal physician, were on trial for conspiracy to illegally supply opiate drugs and sedatives to the actress and model. He doctor was acquittedhis partner found guilty by the jury, but later acquitted by a Los Angeles judge

Her psychiatrist was cleared of all but one charge, get vicodin under fake name. She was sentenced to pay 100 dollars and a year of probation, according to media outlets such as ‘El Mundo’.

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