“The Tourist”: the most watched series on HBO Max about a man who loses his memory and is pursued by murderers

“The Tourist”: A man in the Australian desert is hunted, but has no recollection of his past. (HBOMax)

A man called The Man in the series (played by jamie dornan from Belfast), climbs into his somewhat dilapidated car after a purchase at a service station. It is very hot and the route is empty in a desert Australia. Once the purchase is complete, The Man gets back into his car, turns on the radio and sings the song “Los ojos de Bette Davis” (“Bette Davis Eyes”) out loud. Kim Carnes. Everything seems to be going well until a truck starts chasing him and crashes him. The subject remains unconscious and is taken by police authorities to the nearest hospital.

Already in the Cooper Springs hospital, The Man will try to remember something of what happened from the hand of Helen (Danielle McDonald), a friendly local policewoman who in turn attends meetings for support and help to lose weight with her fiancé. But he doesn’t remember anything. Nor her name. His path will continue to an address that he has written down on a piece of paper and is part of his only belongings. But he doesn’t know why he should go to that place and for what. So he will have to put this puzzle together, and he will have to start a “new life” after the accident. Who is he and why are they looking for him to assassinate him? .

A beginning that is very reminiscent of that first film by steven spielberg, Deathmatch (Duel1971), which recreated the persecution suffered by a man by a truck driver on the highway whose face the viewers never saw.

This is the plot of the series The Tourist (The Turist), a series of six episodes of the BBC which now lands in hbo max and that right away climbed to first place as one of the most viewed fictions on the platform. Harry and Jack Williams are the creators of this story (who also made a great series, The Missing), and recreate this new fiction with many flashes of The Man’s past.

In an interview for the BBC following the premiere of the series in England, jack williams he recalled a trip he had made to Australia several years ago. “I remember driving alone through the interior of the desert, on a desolate road, looking down, submerged under clouds of dust and brilliant heat, while thinking: ‘There is nothing and no one here, and if I break down there will be no one to help me.’ I found it interesting to put a character in that situation.” he said and commented on how that moment served him to set the scene for this story.

The series requires an attentive viewer to follow each of these details that are revealed about the past of The Man. They join the cast Olafur Darri Olafsson (the protagonist of the Icelandic police trapped), as a hitman who will have to face the protagonist, and Shalom Brune-Franklin as Luci Miller, a young woman he meets in a bar after just getting out of the hospital.



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