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The touching images of the finalists of ‘The Academy’ when they were still babies

The touching images of the finalists of 'The Academy' when they were still babies
(Photos: Instagram laacademiatv)

The next August 13 and 14 the long-awaited final will take place The Academy: 20 years and the excitement of the fans to know who will be the winner of this generation floods social networks. However, although the academics week after week have prepared with teachers and faced the harshest criticism from the judging panel, their stories come from many years ago.

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In this way, as the vocation or passion for singing does not happen from one day to the next, here are some unpublished photographs from when some of the finalists were younger and we tell you about their journey to reach the last steps of one of the most important programs in Aztec TV.

Sea Rendon

The young woman born in Ecuador has earned the affection of the public throughout the concerts and, thanks to her talent when interpreting covers of songs such as Laura is not here, American Blinds either ordinary love during The Academy: 20 years, has emerged as one of the potential winners.

In this sense, the history of Mar in the musical field It started when I was eight years old. when -according to some statements he gave in 2018 for the Ecuadorian media The universe- One of her school teachers suggested that she compete in a talent show in front of all her classmates.

(Photos: Instagram marrendonmusica)
(Photos: Instagram marrendonmusica)

Later, when she was 11 years old, the now member of The academy he was in his own rock band and competed in intercollegiate pageants. But, as if this were not enough, at the age of 14 his career took shape even more since participated in the franchise Ecuador has talent.

From his participation in said reality show, Rendón began to create his own songs and in 2019 he released his first song on Youtubewhich was titled Today I am me again.


Mexican and a native of Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Andrés has proven not only to be a good singer, but has also won the hearts of many admirers for his gallantry. So much so that neither The Iron Judge Lolita Cortes, has been able avoid melting for the 26 year old during some of his presentations.

But his physique is not the only thing that defines the finalist, since gala con gala has shown that he has the vocal skills to build a successful career.

This is what Andrés looked like when he was a child.  (Instagram photo: @andresseuv)
This is what Andrés looked like when he was a child. (Instagram photo: @andresseuv)

It was from your account Instagram where a few years ago Andresse -as he also calls himself- showed what could be his origins as a singer, because in a series of photographs he can be seen when he was still a baby and already had with a tender microphone in hand.

Likewise, although during his participation in The academy received several negative comments for his lack of ease when dancing, during a video that he shared on this same social network he can be seen taking some nice steps to the rhythm of The cowboy mouse in an old school presentation.

The graduate in International Trade dreams of being a singer since he was 11 years old, so he pursued his dream and managed to place himself among the students of this generation of scholars.

Andrés danced the “Cowboy Mouse”

Before entering the reality of aztec tv, Andrés would have also participated in the contest The voice of 2020 and not only was part of Belinda’s team but also reached the knockouts and was eliminated after interpreting a song by Carlos Rivera.


The Guatemalan was positioned as the first finalist of the season due to the wide affection that the public has for him. And it is that, although the potaxie king he won the love of the fans during the concerts, it was during the 24/7 broadcasts that he showed his likeable personalitywhich ended up conquering all of Latin America.

Although he was born Cuban, the 21-year-old has lived in Guatemala since he was a child, which is why he considers himself a faithful representative of the country where he managed to become a national and began to work on what would become his artistic career.

(Photos: Screenshot/The Academy)
(Photos: Screenshot/The Academy)

“My concern for music comes from when I was seven years old, I studied music production, so my mother was from: ‘not what you love, you will achieve’said Nelson during the first concert of The academy where he performed I dont know tomorrow.

During his stay at the house, the Guatemalan opened up to the public and has shown that he has the skills to be crowned the winner of this edition of the program. Also, rRecently he said that not everything has been easy for him, because although he always wanted to sing, he was widely bullied at some stages of his life and came to be bullied.


Since before entering The Academy: 20 years Rubí was already known in Mexico due to her XV years party and to which all of Mexico was invited due to a mistake. From the celebration that, according to the potosina, turned out to be a traumatic event for her and her family due to the magnitude that it reached, The young woman decided to leave the public eye until she reappeared for the singing contest.

Despite the fact that throughout the season he was one of the most judged characters, not only by the panel of critics, but also by the public, Rubí showed that the perseverance, discipline and charisma they were other talents that would take her very far.

(Photos: Instagram iamrubiig)
(Photos: Instagram iamrubiig)

About her artistic career, after her XV years party, Rubí recorded some songs and promoted them on her YouTube channel. Youtube. But, according to an interview he gave to The Marsafter his sudden fame for the viralization of his party, some of the people who promised to help her in her artistic career They took advantage of the family and took control of almost all of their social networks.

From then on, Rubí preferred to get away from the public spotlight, but her dream of being a singer did not end, so she auditioned for the 20th anniversary of The Academyoh, despite his detractors he continues to profile to reach the last two concerts of this edition.


Cesia has caused divided opinions among the public after passing through The academy and it is that, the Honduran, with its spectacular Chinese and wide vocal range has come to be branded as “superb” by the panel of critics. However, the artist has overcome the bad comments and has overcome all the obstacles to position herself in the final.

(Photos: Instagram cesia_saenzoficial)
(Photos: Instagram cesia_saenzoficial)

Thus, beyond her apparent romance with Andrés, the bedspread has been surprised by his singing skills, but he also has other skills, such as drawing and playing instruments such as the guitar, the ukulele and even the violin.

In addition, his musical journey has not been in vain, since before entering the contest of Aztec TV He was part of a group known as Dosis Alterna Bando.


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