The three comics you should read before watching ‘Flash’

If some time ago they were novels the greatest source of inspiration for making a film, now are the comics those that serve as the basis for the blockbusters of Hollywood. In a film industry where superhero tapes They are usually among the highest grossing of the year, comics have become a fundamental element in current cinema inside and outside Spain.

Only in this 2023, between Marvel and DC, six projects centered on mythical characters from the world of superheroes will be released, and all of them, obviously, adapt different comics from their respective companies to shape the films. The closest to be released is Flash‘, coming to theaters next Friday June 16.

The feature film directed by Andy Muschietti is based, to a greater or lesser extent, on three comics of the shared world of DC that the screenwriter, Christina Hodson, took as a reference to adapt the story of the scarlet runner.

‘Flash: The Fastest Man Alive’

considered the ‘official prequel’ of the film, the series is made up of three stories written by Kenny Porter that narrate the events that precede the tape of the scarlet runner. InFlash: The fastest man in the world’, Barry Allen seeks the advice of Batman to defeat the new enemies that terrorize Central City.

In this trilogy, in which each delivery has been embodied by a cartoonist different (Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Juan Ferreyra and Jason Howard), The Flash will learn to live with his powers and combine them with his personal life, although he will have three evil obstacles They will try to stop you.

First installment of ‘The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive’
DC Comics

During the first number, the fastest man must face girder, a metallic metahuman who threatens the city, all this while Bruce Wayne trains Allen. In the second installment, Tar Pit He will try to kill The Flash who continues to have anxiety problems because of his new powers.

It is not until third part of this series when the scarlet runner manages to control his powers and feel like the hero he had always wanted to be, but everything goes wrong when Top he comes to town and tries to sell weapons capable of killing The Flash.

The first issue of the series went on sale in October last year (although it was scheduled to do so in April), and the other two deliveries arrived in stores in monthly way. Just a month ago, DC Comics brought out the complete collection with all three stories.

‘Flash: Heading for Flashpoint’

In the thirteenth film of the extended world of DC, as shown in the trailer, will explore the concept of the multiverses, in which we will find different versions of the characters. These interdimensional connections were seen in the series Flash: heading to Flashpoint‘, published between 2010 and 2011.

Written by Geoff Johns, they tell of the confrontation between Barry Allen and Hot Pursuit throughout a tetralogy (and a prequel with Zoom) and are set just before the events of ‘flash point‘. The villain arrives in Central City looking for the young coroner, and attacks his laboratory to get it, although he finally ends up revealing his identity.

First installment of 'Flash: Heading to Flashpoint'
First installment of ‘Flash: Heading to Flashpoint’
DC Comics

At the end of the first issue, it is revealed that whoever is behind the mask of Hot Pursuit is he Barry Allen himself, but from an alternate universe. in full murder wave, The Flash will have to face an anomaly that could change the destiny of all the multiverses.

In the next issue, the alternate Barry reveals to the ‘real’ that the anomaly is Bart Allen (Kid-Flash), his nephew, whom he tries to catch, but is stopped by Barry. All this, while the deaths continue, of which there seems to be a witness… child.

That boy turns out to be Zoom, who was behind the murders. He flash-reverse, who will try to destroy Barry with all the power accumulated from the kill. Eobard Thawne (his real name) kills Hot Pursuit and, deploying all his faculties, alter the universe completely.


The most radical delivery of DC Comics in recent years is the fundamental basis of the film starring Ezra Miller. Written again by Geoff Johns and drawn this time by Andy Kubert, the five installments of the series launched in 2011 lay the foundations of the film.

The story arc of flash pointestablishes the dynamics of time travel in the DC Universe, which is uncontrolled entirely in the comics after Barry Allen go back to the past to try to prevent the death of his mother.

Cover of Andy Kubert for 'Flashpoint' (left) and Ezra Miller in 'Flash'.
Cover of Andy Kubert for ‘Flashpoint’ (left) and Ezra Miller in ‘Flash’.

Doing so will trigger a series of events that will alternate the known to extreme limits, so Barry Allen will have to reconstitute the original order of the universe. To do this, he will have to face several enemies who were previously friends.

flash point‘ serves as point for the movie that comes this friday june 16 to cinemas, but, at the time, they also represented the reboot from the entire comic book universe of the company, which caused a lot of controversy among fans of DC stories.

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