The theory that unites Pedro Infante in “Full speed ahead” and Tin Tan in “Kill me because I’m dying”

The theory that unites Pedro Infante in "Full speed ahead" and Tin Tan in "Kill me because I'm dying"
Pedro Infante and “Tin Tan” came together only in a movie, but also in the story of an accident (Photos: INAH // Twitter @tintan_pachuko)

Pedro Infante Y Tin Tan they were together only in one movie, in a scene that lasts only a few seconds, but with Internet users they have exposed that they could also have shared the same story in the movies ATM Full steam ahead! Y kill me because i’m dying.

In the film also of pain is sung Infante and German Valdes Tin Tan joined for the only time inside a scenewell the Major Pachuco he makes a special appearance playing himself within a television forum.

Although it was a unique moment in Mexican cinema during the Golden eraas both were among the most appreciated actors and were never seen together, as they apparently never established a friendly relationship.

"Tin Tan" realized what he caused and therefore withdrew from the accident before he was blamed (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)
“Tin Tan” realized what he caused and therefore withdrew from the accident before he was blamed (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

In 1951 one of Pedro Infante’s most successful films was filmed, ATM Full steam ahead!film directed by Ishmael Rodriguezin which the characters of Pedro and Luis Aguilar suffer a serious accidentwhich is why they must be transported by an ambulance.

During their journey to the hospital, once again they are victims of a disaster, since the ambulance, while making a hectic maneuver, collides with a truck and rolls overcausing everyone inside the vehicle to spin around and this causes the injured to be forced to move even harder.

This scene gives a perspective only from inside the vehicle transporting the wounded, so Pedro and Luis did not know what caused the ambulance to turn over. Both police officers look bewildered and look for a way to rejoin in the midst of their pain.

Moments before the ambulance flips over in "ATM Full Throttle" (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)
Moments before the ambulance flips over in “ATM Full Throttle” (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

It is known that Ismael Rodríguez always liked to play with the stories that he brought to the big screen and sought to make the most famous actors join in his films. Such was the case with Two types of care Y Tizoc: Indian love, both considered films that could have been a failure if the plot had not been well planned. For this reason, the theory arose that ATM can be tied with one of the straps Tin Tan.

German Valdes he also shot a movie in the same year as Full steam ahead!with Ismael Rodríguez, and which has a similar accident scene, but seen from outside the ambulance.

kill me because i’m dying was shot in 1951 and starred Tin Tan. The plot is that Valdés won the lottery, but, for different reasons, there are people who they incited him to take his own life to keep the huge prize.

The accident that Pedro and Luis suffered in “Full speed ahead” would be the same one that caused Tin Tan in “Kill me because I’m dying.”

This situation led to the character will try to throw himself into a truck or an ambulance that are about to pass in front of him and go both ways. Since the two vehicles tried to avoid him, because he did not decide which car he wants to run over him, collided with each other.

The accident was so strong that the ambulance overturnedlike the one in which Pedro and Luis traveled in ATM Full steam ahead even on the same side. However, in the movies people do not meet, because in kill me because i’m dying Germán leaves the scene of the disastertrying to wash his hands of what happened, he only manages to see the driver getting out of the ambulance.

Even in the movie Idol of Guamuchil it would be appreciated how the driver and the other companions inside the ambulance leave before him and Luis Aguilar.

In this way, both scenes could be about the same situation, only that the director would have given a different perspective in each filmin ATM from inside the car and with kill me because i’m dying from outside of it.