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The Simpsons: Top 5 Tech Predictions That Came True

The franchise of The Simpson is undoubtedly one of the series Y films most successful in recent years. The stories about the yellow family, including Homer (father), Maggie (mother), Bart (eldest son), Lisa (second daughter), and Maggie (youngest daughter), who are generally a reflection of American society.


Its success has been and is too great, so since 2017, every year the April 19th is celebrated on World Simpsons Day.

The day was chosen for The Simpsons because in 2017 it was 30 years since the characters first appeared on the television. Since then, in addition to being an interesting series, he has also become known for his ‘predictions’, since in some of its episodes they show devices or events that happened for the first time in real life.


For this reason, TechMarkup brings five of the most famous predictions in the technology from the simpsons that have come true:



In the episode ‘Das Bus’ of the ninth season, Homer decides to create his own internet company after discovering that his neighbor Ned Flanders has a business in the Web.

Homer decides to enter the world of world Wide Web (worldwide computer network), since it considers that all were generating profits in Internet, except his family, and he calls his business CompuMundoHiperMegaRed.

Because it is not clear what the company is for, the millionaire businessman Bill Gatesco-creator of microsoftshows up at the Simpsons’ house to buy Homer’s company, to which he agrees.


augmented reality glasses

In the episode called ‘Specs and the City’, Mr. Burns gives his employees some augmented reality glasses, calls Oogle Goggles, in order to spy on them.

Homer ends up loving his new gadget, and uses them all the time. However, Marge asks him to stop using them since she has become addicted.

Marge’s ‘Ultrahouse’

In The Simpsons XII Halloween Special, which is divided into three parts, you have to take House of Whacks to find a technology prediction.

In this part, margin is at home, when a seller bot knocks on the door and offers you a product that transforms your home into a ‘ultracasa’ or what is now known as SmartHome.

The seller assures him that with this product, he would never do housework again, thanks to his virtual assistant installed, which makes personalized greetings, cooks, cleans and orders everything in a few moments.

Homer’s website

In the episode called ‘The computer threat’ (in Latin America), Homer decides to create his own Web page which, as a distinctive feature, is full of GIF’s animations and sounds.

This page caused a stir in Springfield, since the portal served as ‘informative site’where intimate information about other characters in the series could be found, all under the pseudonym of ‘Mr. X’.

Homer in 3D (Homer cubed)

La casita del horror VI (Treehouse of Horror VI) consists of three segments: ‘Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores’, ‘Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace’ and ‘Homer³’.

In the latter, Patty and Selma are about to visit Marge, so Homer, in order to avoid his sisters-in-law, looks for a place to hide and finds a bookcase in the living room, hiding behind it.

Once there, he gets to see that the wall has a strange radiation, which would allow him to go through it. In doing so, Homer goes into an environment where everything is in 3D. The site looks like a 3d animation for computer. Not finding a way out, Homer asks various characters in the series for help. However, no one manages to help him get back.

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