The Simpsons: Did the cartoon predict the death of Queen Elizabeth II? Understand!

It is not news to anyone that the drawing the simpsons is known for “predicting” important real-life events. Some good examples were the predictions of the Coronavirus, the cloud of locusts in Brazil and the rise of Donald Trump to the presidency.

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Now, the cartoon’s latest supposed prediction involves the death of Queen Elizabeth II. A scene in which the monarch appears in a coffin with the dates of birth and death – the same as in real life – went viral on TikTok.


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At another point, the drawing shows the exact date of the Queen’s death. Both scenes, however, are just montages. The first image was taken from an unofficial episode of the show, while the second scene was doctored. That’s because in the original scene there is no tag on the carriage.

Watch the original scene below:



The right guesses about the future can be explained: the screenwriting team is made up of up to 20 professionals, with knowledge in numerous areas. There, they debate possible socioeconomic scenarios.

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