The Simpsons: 5 predictions of the future that the series missed badly; Look!

In addition to television longevity and its iconic Halloween specials, The Simpson it also draws the public’s attention for getting (and a lot!) its predictions of the future in the real world – from Trump’s election to the White House to the fateful merger of Fox and Disney.


What if we said that the show has also made erroneous predictions about what will happen in the future? We have listed the most crass errors for you. Check out!

1. Big Ben Digital

In the episode “Lisa’s Wedding”, Homer Simpson’s eldest daughter travels to visit her fiance’s parents in London. Arriving in the country, the spectator is presented with an updated version of the famous clock, whose hands are replaced by a digital display. The tourist spot remains immaculate, much to the dismay of those who cannot tell the time on analog clocks.


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2. Fox would become a “porn channel”

Despite broadcasting adult cartoons such as Family Guy and Bob’s Burgersand realities aimed at adults, Fox did not become a channel for pornographic content, as Marge and Homer suggest in an episode that takes place in the future.


It is also worth mentioning that the entertainment company was purchased by Disney in 2019, which may further rule out this somewhat bizarre possibility!

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3. iPods enslave humanity

Marge becomes a popsicle stick sculptor in the episode “Ice Cream of Margie (with the Light Blue Hair)”. However, Homer ends up accidentally destroying all of his wife’s arts, who is hurt by him.

To show forgiveness after regretting the scolding, Marge builds a giant sculpture of Homer. After that, the chapter cuts to 200 years in a dystopian future, where giant iPods enslave humanity, and the character’s monument is all that’s left of the past. Dark and gritty, no? Maybe the audience would prefer something less harmful, like in the movie Is it over there (2013).

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4. Computers only for kings

Professor Frink made a partially wrong prediction about the future of computers, saying that in 10 years, the machines would be twice as powerful, 10,000 times bigger, and so expensive that only the richest five reais in Europe would be able to afford it. them.

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He wasn’t so wrong in terms of power, with computers being light years more powerful even. However, machines are getting smaller and smaller and you don’t have to be a European monarch to buy one. Nothing that a few 12x installments can’t solve for us commoners.

5. British would save the US in World War III

When Lisa takes her fiancé on a tour of Moe’s tavern in the future, the bar owner fired off “an English boy, huh? You know, we saved his ass in WWII.” In turn, Hugh counters the statement, saying that “yeah, well, we saved your ass in World War III.”

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Fact is, luckily the Third World War never took place (until now), and there’s no way to know for sure which country would save which.

Do you remember any wrong predictions the series made? Tell us in the comments!

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