After its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, the new work by Pedro Almodovar It has not been made to pray too much for it to arrive soon in Spanish cinemas. strange way of life is a half-hour short film, a gay western starring none other than Peter Pascal and ethan hawke and which premiered on the billboard on Friday, May 26.

It narrates the meeting, twenty-five years later, of a sheriff and a rancher who in the past worked together as gun-for-hire. Beyond the memory of past times, the present will show that their youthful friendship she was hiding something else, physical attraction and love.

And its premiere has not gone unnoticed by viewers. Even, despite being a short of only 31 minutes longand that logically the cinemas and exhibiting companies have reduced the usual price of the tickets for their screening passes, has managed to sneak into the list of the ten highest grossing films last weekend.

Specifically, it has debuted in eighth place with 70,287 euros and 15,200 spectators in three daysand in a weekend dominated by the more than 3 and 2 millionsrespectively, harvested by The little Mermaid and Fast & Furious X.

According to figures collected by ComScore Movies, strange way of life was shown on 185 screens and its average collection has been 380 euros per screen. A remarkable figure in the case of its condition as a short film, although it is far from the 3,144 euros on average of The little Mermaid or the 2,120 of Fast & Furious X.

If we look for another precedent, also from Almodóvar, the Manchegan filmmaker also released the short film in theaters in 2020 the human voice made by tilda swinton. On its first weekend, from October 23 to 25, and at a time still marked by the restrictions of the pandemic, debuted in tenth place with 33,571 euros. His commercial tour in the big theaters ended up accumulating almost 143 thousand euros and more than 35 thousand spectators, and becoming the highest grossing Spanish short in history. Although their figures are sure to be surpassed by the queer western with Pascal and Hawke, seeing the collections of the debut.

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