The shocking characterization of Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte in his new biopic

After having participated together 22 years ago in the film starring Russell Crowe, Gladiator (Gladiator, 2000), Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix they meet again. The director is in charge of giving directions to the Oscar winner for jokerwho will bring to the big screen Napoleon Bonaparte.

The biopics they are the order of the day and seem to be a fad in the entertainment industry. It even invites viewers to wonder if there are not too many life stories that are taken both to the cinema and to the platforms.

The truth is that the filming is in the process of development and photos were published through social networks in which we can see Phoenix characterized as Napoleon. Initially, it transpired that the film was going to be called kit bag, in reference to the English saying “There is a general’s staff hidden in every soldier’s kitbag”, which in Spanish translates as: “There is a general’s staff hidden in the backpack of each soldier”. But finally there was a change and they simply opted for the title Napoleon.

The feature film, which has the script by David Scarpa (All the money in the world), will focus first on the rise to power of Bonaparte in France, when his political and military skills were noted and earned him the respect of his contemporaries. But it will also focus on the link between Napoleon and his wife, Empress Josephine, and this was quite turbulent. In fact, in 1810, Bonaparte himself annulled her own marriage to her wife, accusing her of not giving him heirs, as if the woman were responsible for her.

In the first information about this project, it was reported that the actress jodie eat (Killing Eve, The Last Duel) was going to be Josefina, but finally she got off the project and instead we will see vanessa kirby (Fragments of a Woman, The Crown), who will play Bonaparte’s wife. They complete the cast of this biopic, Tahar Rahim (the leading actor of the series of NetflixThe snake), Youssef Kerkour, Liam Edwards and Mommy Barry, among others. Its premiere is not confirmed yet, but it is estimated that it would be in late 2022 or early 2023 through Apple TV.

But this is not the only project behind the figure of Napoleon. The creator of the series HBO, True Detective, Cary Joji Fukunaga, He stated in 2021 that he already has the scripts for the series about the former French emperor ready. Fukunaga (also director of the recent James Bond film, no time to die) joined the work that the great steven spielbergwho took the reins of a truncated project from the director Stanley Kubrick who, in turn, had chosen the actor Jack Nicholson to give life to Napoleon Bonaparte.

That project had been canceled by Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Spielberg took it back to format it serially. Speaking to the publication Collider, Fukunaga addressed this series directly, saying, “I’ve been working on (Napoleon) now, I mean, four or five years, maybe more. So yeah, I’m definitely into it. We have all the scripts for the episodes now and we’re getting ready to see where the next stage is. So it’s happening.”



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