The sex comedy of the year is a high school lesbian romance: when will ‘Bottoms’ premiere in Spain?

Despite VOD phenomena such as heartstopper and Red, white and blue blood, the presence of LGTBI titles continues to border on marginality on the big screen. So how should we take that a high school comedy starring lesbian teens be the big surprise of the summer at the US box office?

Well, the answer is already here: Bottoms, the second length of Emma Seligman (Shiva Baby) It has given the bell just with those ingredients. Despite having had a limited release in the superpower, the film’s numbers have exceeded all expectations, and the question of when (and in what format) we will see it in Spain remains open.

Despite having been released in only 10 theaters, the film has obtained a collection of over half a million dollars Selling out at several Los Angeles theaters. Its average per room is $51,625, the fourth best of the year in the US after much more promoted films such as Beau is scared, Past Lives and even the Asteroid City of Wes Anderson.

The results of Bottoms have overtaken even the ones he got Everything at once everywhere during its first tour in theaters in 2022. In fact, it is possible that the figures will increase after the results of the cinema day in the US, a date during which viewers will be able to see the film at the modest price of four dollars a ticket.

So it is not strange that MGM and amazon studios, those responsible, prepare for a wide release on 700 screens. Although the hooliganism of the film (and the proverbial homophobia of the censorship entity MPAA) they have won Bottoms a ‘R’ rating, Media such as Deadline are already talking about one of the most striking commercial phenomena of this summer.

What is ‘Bottoms’ about?

For her film, Emma Seligman looked at turn-of-the-century teen movie classics like Superbad and American Pie, only changing straight men for sapphic girls. Something that is obvious when reading its synopsis.

Bottoms tells the story of PJ (Rachel Sennott) and Josie (Ayo Edebiri), two friends who, after getting into trouble with their high school football team, They create a fight club in order to fulfill their dream of flirting with cheerleaders.

Against all odds, the invention works: the most popular girls in the center start beating each other in the gym under the pretext of self-defense. Of course, given the direction of the story, things end up getting out of hand, and the anti-heroines look for a way to stop this fever before someone discovers their real plan.

Crazy? Well yes, but they were too Porky’s and Revenge of the Rookies and no one complained. In fact, the director affirms that one of her goals when imagining the film was to do the comb to that sanitized and romantic image of the LGTBI relations that project many films.

“The only representation queer that I have seen on the screen has been very docile and very sweet, and I wanted to see disgusting gay characters”, declares Emma Seligman in an interview for Them. “I wanted to do something gay and stupid that wasn’t serious. And also a heroine story. Something with fights and moments edgy”, confess.

Likewise, Seligman is proud of having avoided one of the great clichés of LGTBI stories in her film: “I don’t want to do anything that resembles a coming-out story,” it states. “I’m looking forward to seeing characters queer in arguments that go about anything else”.

When can we see ‘Bottoms’ in Spain?

Without ruling out last-minute miracles, it is most likely that Bottoms premieres in our country on VOD via Prime Video. Its date is, for now, something we must guess by guessing.

Since the film was released in the US on August 25th, must meet the three-month release window before moving to streaming. However, it is possible that MGM decides to shorten this period to maximize the benefits of word of mouth among the international public, opting for a window of 45 days. Thus, media such as ScreenRant take it for granted that Bottoms will come to Prime in early October.

As to whether this date will also be the date of its launch in Spain, we can only speculate. But we are clear that this may be Emma Seligman’s launch as a high-profile director: her new project will be backed by Adam McKay, one of those responsible for Succession, so our next date with her is likely to be at the Emmys… or even the Oscars.

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