The Seville Film Festival maintains its 2023 edition in November, but it will be shorter

He Seville European Film Festival will remain in the month of November, although this year it will be held at the end of that month and in a “special edition”, shorter than usual, as announced by the mayor of the city, Jose Luis Sanz (PP), after meeting with the audiovisual sector.

The mayor has guaranteed the survival of the festival, which this year will celebrate its twentieth edition and which in 2024 it will return to its usual dates and format, after a meeting held this Tuesday with representatives of three Andalusian audiovisual associations and the European Film Academy.

Last week the City Council announced that this edition of the film festival would be moved to next spring so that it would not be overshadowed by the celebration in Seville for an entire week in November of the awards ceremony Latin Grammys.

After rectifying this decision in the meeting with the representatives of the Andalusian audiovisual industry, Sanz, in a press conference, reiterated that “this government team is not going to put an end to the festival”, that its postponement is due to technical reasons and that the event must to recover the international relevance that it has lost, in addition to becoming more involved in the city.

“The festival continues”, stated Sanz, who nevertheless assured that celebrating a normal edition on its usual date is impossible, because the organization has suffered “a certain lack of planning and foresight”, to the point that now not even the administrative process that requires its celebration would allow to make a normal edition.

Sanz has indicated that a “special edition” is understood, as agreed with the audiovisual sector, one of shorter duration and programming.

When asked if the municipal body Institute of Culture and Arts of Seville (ICAS) owes several annuities to the film festival, the mayor has responded that he does not want to get into controversy but that, in effect, several years are owed and even prizes that have not yet been paid.

“How long have I been here? It has not reached sixty days…”, the mayor exclaimed to avoid going into details of the previous municipal management and reiterate: “I do not want to get into controversy.”

The president of the Andalusian Film Academy, Martha Velasco, He has expressed the satisfaction of the audiovisual sector with these plans and has ensured that today’s meeting has also served to bring the Seville City Council closer to the Andalusian audiovisual sector.

The European Film Academy (EFA for its acronym in English) has offered to the direction of the Seville Film Festival so that this year’s edition will be held as usual in November and will not be postponed to spring, as initially announced by the City Council.

In a letter to the Andalusian Film Academy, the EFA points out that it highly values ​​”its association with the Seville European Film Festival and for years our collaboration has been mutually fruitful and cordial” and points out that “there have been moves to delay the festival to a different date in April of next year.

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