The series “The time traveler’s wife” and its commitment to repeat the success of “I will love you forever”

Santiago García reviews the series “The time traveler’s wife”.

The time traveler’s wife is a novel published in 2003. Its success was so great that it did not take long for it to reach the big screen in a romantic production starring Rachel McAdams Y Eric Bana in 2009. In 2022 the same story arrives in series format, starring Rose Leslie Y Theo James. It is an excellent moment to try to analyze which of the two types of narration is more effective when adapting this book.

Rose Leslie and Theo James are the protagonists of the recently launched series. (HBOMax)

The story is very similar, but since this year’s premiere is the series, it is best to focus on that story. Henry has a genetic disorder that makes him compulsively travel through time for brief moments. Clare is a woman he met when she was younger but who in the future will end up becoming her great love. Of course, the time jumps that you can’t choose complicate everything, generating initial fascination but increasing anguish for reasons that are quite obvious. Both people will meet again and again at different ages, generating all kinds of conflicts that vary depending on the age of both in each meeting.

The plot of the series and the film are almost exact.  (HBOMax)
The plot of the series and the film are almost exact. (HBOMax)

If the film had moral dilemmas and serious problems to resolve some conflicts, then the series does what any other series would do, that is, it lengthens the plot. What happens quickly in the film, in the series has much more place. The problem is that this lengthening gives the viewer the chance to think better about each situation, many of which are in questionable taste or even border on severe ethical dangers. The movie manages to make the protagonist likeable and lovable, but the series ends up leaving him in a more ambiguous place. It could be said that the series is more adult and that it embraces deeper and more rugged dilemmas.

Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana were the protagonists of the film.  (New Line Cinema)
Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana were the protagonists of the film. (New Line Cinema)

It is possible that this ambiguity and the memory of a well-loved feature film have played against The time traveler’s wife (2022) and that is why the initial season was not renewed for a second. It is also true that Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana are more charismatic actors than those in the series. The film is lighter, perhaps more romantic, something that made it popular. It must be remembered that the rights to the novel were acquired by Brad Pitt Y Jennifer Aniston prior to publication and that none other than steven spielberg He was one of the directors who were in the conversation to direct it, which ultimately did not happen.

The series and the movie are available on HBO Max. (HBOMax)

But one fact that stands out, and that explains the series’ complex script, is that the screenwriter and creator of the television adaptation is none other than Steven Moffatwho has not only worked for years on the series dr whobut is also the main responsible for the legendary sherlock, a cult series that is among the best of recent years. The differences between the movie and the series are many and nobody is forced to choose only one. Both are available on HBO Max and are an excellent double bill.


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