The ‘Saw X’ post-credits scene: is it just empty ‘fan service’ or does it have an explanation?

the saga Saw He has never shown any respect for following a linear chronology as he billed new deliveries and accumulated Roman numerals in the title. That’s why it doesn’t surprise anyone that saw x, the tenth installment currently in theaters, is actually a continuation set immediately after the events of the first film, directed by James Wan in 2004, and before Saw II (2005), which was its first sequel.

Therefore, Saw X supposes a reunion with John Kramer (aka Jigsaw), the Machiavellian moralistic engineer played by Tobin Bell and also with his famous apprentice Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith). For most of the film they are dedicated to hunting down and instructing in their own way in Mexico a group of scammers who claim to have cured John’s cancer. From here they come Spoilers for the end of the film and its post-credits scene.

‘Saw X’ ending: post-credits scene, explained

John Kramer and Amanda’s Mexican excursion ends with the vilest of con artists, Cecilia (Synnøve Macody Lund), trapped in what will be her coffin: a tightly sealed room that is filling with a deadly gas and whose only ventilation hole is the size of a head. The unfortunate woman has killed her partner Parker (Steven Brand) stabbing him to save herself, but she is still trapped and can only watch the escape of Kramer and company.

That’s the end of saw x, but the post-credits scene still includes a small tip for the fans. Henry Kessler (Michael Beach) the guy who had convinced John that the scammers’ cancer treatment was effective, wakes up inside one of those bathrooms that the saga has turned into the nightmare of any interior decorator and with one of the classic Jigsaw traps tied to the body.

As usual, his captivity is being observed. Not only by John Kramer, but also by one of his most well-known henchmen: the corrupt cop Mark Hoffman, interpreted by Costas Mandylor. The grimy bathroom, of course, is the same one where the bulk of the action of the first takes place. Saw (2004).

“[Esa escena] is probably the biggest fan service what we have done in the film”, declared the director Kevin Greutert (editor of the saga who also signed the direction of Saw VI and Saw VII before Saw X) in Entertainment Weekly. “I know a lot of unrepentant fans were looking forward to the return of that character, so we’ve served it to them on a silver platter.”

Despite everything, Greutert does not believe that the post-credits scene remains a wink without narrative value. “We needed to close the story of the other character who reappears [el mencionado Henry]but really what we wanted was to have a little fun.” Horror and fun: precisely something that is completely embedded in the DNA of the saga Saw From the beginning.

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